Hiya Disney Wiki users. Long Time No See! Hard to believe it's almost been a whole year since I left the wiki, and all you guys have been in my thoughts a lot! I bet you all have a lot of questions about where I've been, am I ok, and when am I coming back, all of which I'm gonna answer for you now.

  • I've been busy with life, and that's left me with totally no time to be active on here. 
  • I'm fantastical! My life is truly awesome, if extremely busy. But I'm coping! 
  • This part is really the most difficult part to say, but I don't see a time that I'll ever be coming back. To everyone who's disappointed by that, I'm really sorry, and should have made this message sooner to let all of you know. I kicked myself into gear here partly because I needed to write to all my friends, and partly because some folks had made the effort to try and get me back. I've been so busy with my own life, and it literally leaves me with no time, and I don't know if i'll ever come back. I really don't have any time, and to be honest, I've moved on from here, and maybe for the better. That's nothing against you guys, but I couldn't have the kind of lifestyle I did while I was on here. So while I won't be coming back, I would like you all to know that you'll forever be in my thoughts, and I'll never forget the good times when I was your Admin, and more importantly your friend. And hey, who knows what the future might bring for us. 

So goodbye Disney Wiki, you'll always be in my heart :)

Everyone Have a Magical Day!   

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