Bob Block is a supporting character in the second season of Milo Murphy's Law.


Bob is the the great-great-great-grandfather of Mr. Block. When he heard that Cavendish and Dakota we're fired from B.O.T.T. and banished to Milo's time., he contacted the two former time travelers to work for him as Alien Refuse Engineers. The two Cavendish and Dakota both have high hopes, but it turns out that all they do is go around Danville picking up alien trash. And most of the time it's just regular human trash.

Physical appearance

He has dark black curly hair, dark happy green eyes and dark skin.

He usually wears a black jacket on top of a red dress shirt. Accompanied by a white tie. He also wears grey pants and white shoes.



  • He is voiced by Mark Hamill. Who is the same voice actor as his great-great-great-grandson, Mr. Block.

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