Bobby wasabi
Bobby Wasabi is an ex-world famous karate star. He was trained by Jack's grandfather and is the founder of the Bobby Wasabi dojo. He owns the chain of Bobby Wasabi Dojos around the world. Whenever he enters the dojo the gang trains at, he always makes a big entrance.

He is played by Joel McCrary.


Bobby is shown at times to be somewhat overconfident, extravagent, and prone to making on the spot (and often bad) desicions. He also seems to be easily offended, and a bit childish.

Despite this he is truly a nice gut, and is deeply touched by displays of honour, loyalty and friendship.


In his day Bobby was a master Martial Artist, and was renound for being able to do many complicated and highly advanced moves. However in the modern day, due to him putting on weight his skills have diminished, as demonstrated when Rudy beat him in "Road to Wasabi". Despite this his skills aren't completely gone as demonstrated in "Dude, Where's My Sword" and "Wedding Crashers".

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