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Bodhi is a character from the Disney Junior show T.O.T.S. He is one of the delivery storks who work at T.O.T.S.


He is nervous and insecure about himself, and mentions that he is afraid of flying, but in "The Fearful Flier", he sings a song that helps him to be brave that is called "Be Brave." It is also in this episode he is promoted from High Flier to Super Flier. Despite his short comings, Bodhi is always happy to lend a helping wing to anyone who needs it. He also admires Pip and Freddy teamwork that helps them accomplish more than the average flier.


  • In "Hiccup Hazard", he keeps a list of things that scare him.
  • In "Shear Madness", he likes to knit sweaters when he feels scared around the snow.


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