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Bogs are secondly antagonists of the game Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey. They were once butterflies before Zara captures them and turn them into the creatures the player sees at the beginning of the game. The Bogs were forced by Zara to cause all kinds of mischief in Gentlehaven and the home worlds of Ariel, Jasmine, Cinderella, Snow White, and Belle. The player can change them back into butterflies with the magic wand.

Physical appearances

All the Bogs are short, mint-green creatures who wear white gloves, white curled shoes, and what appears to be a white skull-like mask.

Some of the Bogs with special abilities differs in appearance:

Some Bogs, when underwater, resemble an anglerfish with arms.

Some Bogs, called the Genie Bogs, resemble real genies with genie tails instead of legs and a black pony tail.

Some Bogs with time-freezing abilities resemble a grandfather clock.

Some Bogs with the magical ability to steal colors are either red, blue, or lighter green.

Role in the game

After Zara was banished from the kingdom for refusing to follow the princess virtues and discovering her powers, she captured as many butterflies as she can get and turn them into creatures called Bogs. She forces the Bogs to go and cause mischief to the kingdom of Gentlehaven and to the kingdoms of other princesses. The player, as the princess of Gentlehaven, must use the magic wand to change the Bogs back into butterflies to free them from Zara's influence. The player, with the help of some Disney characters, must also stop the Bogs from throwing stolen voices into the pit, destroy the farmer's pumpkins, steal colors from the plants and animals, and more. The remainder of the Bogs later try to help Zara defeat the player but all ended turned back into butterflies. Afterwards, Zara reformed and the Bogs are all free from her spell.