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Bon Voyage! is a 1962 film directed by James Neilson and released by Buena Vista Distribution on May 17, 1962. Following their practice at the time, the film was also issued as a comic book. The film stars Fred MacMurray, Jane Wyman, Deborah Walley, Tommy Kirk, and Kevin Corcoran.


Harry Willard, a Terre Haute plumbing contractor, and Katie, his wife, have spent years planning and saving for a trip abroad. Finally, their dream is realized, and along with their three children--teenagers Amy and Elliott, and 12-year-old Skipper--they arrive in New York to board the Europe-bound S.S. United States, has been stripped and is moored at Pier 82 in Philadelphia. PA. Even before the ship has left the pier, Harry's troubles begin when Amy becomes involved with playboy Nick O'Mara, the son of a giddy American who has married into European royalty. Once in Paris, Katie acquires a chic coiffure which captures the eye of Rudolph, a handsome Hungarian, and Elliott falls for an intriguing French girl. Harry, on the other hand, tries to please little Skipper by taking him on a tour of the Paris sewer system, and the two become hopelessly lost in the underground labyrinth. The family then moves on to the Riviera where Harry manages to straighten out everyone's romantic problems, but not before he knocks Rudolph unconscious at a cocktail party given by Nick's countess mother. Their vacation over, the Willards return to the comparative peace and quiet of their Terre Haute home.


  • Fred MacMurray - Harry Willard
  • Jane Wyman - Kate Willard
  • Michael Callan - Nick O'Mara
  • Deborah Walley - Amy Willard
  • Tommy Kirk - Elliot Willard
  • Kevin Corcoran - Skipper Willard
  • Jessie Royce Landis - La Contesse
  • Georgette Anys - Madame Clebert
  • Ivan Desny - Rudolph
  • Francoise Prevost - The Girl
  • Carol White - Penelope
  • Marie Sirago - Florelle
  • Alex Gerry - Horace
  • Howard Smith - Judge Henderson
  • Casey Adams - The Tight Suit
  • James Milhollin - Librarian
  • Marcel Hillaire - Sewer Guide
  • Richard Wattis - Englishman
  • Anna Maria Majalca - Shamra
  • Hassan Khayyam - Shamra's Father
  • Doris Packer - Mrs. Henderson

Production Credits

  • Director - James Neilson
  • Screenplay - Bill Walsh
  • Source Material (from the novel) - Marrijane Hayes
  • Producer - Walt Disney


The film was nominated for two Academy Awards.

  • Costume Design (Color)
  • Sound (Robert O. Cook)


Copyright info

The film's copyright was renewed on October 10, 1990.[1] The copyright to the story it is based on was also renewed in the U.S.[2]

  • However, its copyright has been ended in China, Japan etc. in 2012.