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Bone Bandit is an animated Pluto short, that was released on April 30, 1948.


Pluto just wants to dig up one of his bones, but has to deal with an angry gopher to get at it.





Have a Laugh! changes

The following scenes were deleted from the short release due to time constraints:

  • Pluto waking up from his nap.
  • Pluto pacing across the yard to the spot where he had buried his bone.
  • Pluto's first encounter with goldenrod that make him sneeze.
  • The first appearance of the gopher as it gathers the goldenrod together before going back down into its hole.
  • As Pluto paws around in the gopher's hole, he inadvertently ends up tickling it before grabbing onto a bone.
  • The gopher rubbing its head after Pluto runs over it as he runs after the bone.
  • The gopher pacing back and forth in front of Pluto with the goldenrod before spraying it in the dog's face.
  • The face-off between Pluto and the gopher.
  • Pluto chasing the gopher across the garden and getting his head stuck in a watermelon.
  • The gopher digging out under Pluto and tickling the dog as a distraction so it can run off with the bone.
  • The gopher throwing goldenrod in Pluto's face so that he will sneeze and not be able to chase after the gopher.
  • The gopher struggling to save its home after Pluto inadvertently steps in its hole.
  • Pluto chasing after the gopher underground.


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