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Bone Chillers is a series of children's horror fiction novels and TV show created and authored by Betsy Haynes.


It's about four freshmen at Edgar Allan Poe High School, who not only have to deal with the normal pressures of competing with the cool kids and the jocks, but also have to contend with all sorts of weird happenings. Like the similar series Goosebumps, the stories that were originally about different people in each book were all changed to the setting of a haunted high school so as to provide a continuing cast. Assisting the main characters was Barry the custodian, who lived in the school's basement. There was the feared cook of the school, Carl, the ditzy Miss Dewberry, and the evil Principal Percival Pussman.

At the end of each episode, original author Betsy Haynes would appear in an educational segment encouraging young viewers to exercise their imaginations.

Although Betsy Haynes is the creator of the Bone Chillers series, some titles were written by other authors.

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