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Bone Trouble is a 1940 animated short by Walt Disney Productions. It has historical significance as the official start of the Pluto series. A hungry Pluto desires a bone belonging to Butch, his neighbor. Pluto attempts to steal the bone, but is caught. A chase follows, and Pluto scares away his foe using the mirrors attraction at a fair.


Pluto wakes up and sees birds eating his dish. Pluto's dish is empty, and he is hungry. He goes after the bone in the dish of Butch the bulldog, who is sleeping next door. Pluto carefully dug underneath the fence and sneaked passed a tire and a tree. Without waking Butch up, Pluto got the bone. When Pluto tried to reach to his home, Butch eventually wakes up. Noticing that his bone is missing, an angry Butch goes to Pluto's home. While Pluto distracted Butch, he grabbed the bone and a chase pursues. They chased each other through town and into an empty carnival. The air current, during the chase, made a poster of a belly dancer girl look like it was belly dancing. They enter the Tunnel Of Love, which reversed the chase, and Pluto escapes into a hall of mirrors. Pluto has lots of fun with the mirrors that made him look like various animals. Pluto takes advantage of one set of mirrors to successfully scare Butch off, and even gets to keep the bone.

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