Bonnie Lynne Hunt is an American comedian, actress, voice actress, director, producer, writer, and host. She is perhaps best known for being the main host of her syndicated talk show The Bonnie Hunt Show. She is also well-known for playing Alice Newton in the Beethoven film franchise, an adult Sarah Whittle in the 1995 Tristar film, Jumanji and Kate Baker in the Cheaper by the Dozen films.

For Disney, Hunt did voice work in several Pixar films, including Rosie in A Bug's Life, Flint in Monsters, Inc., Sally Carrera in the Cars franchise, Dolly in the Toy Story franchise, and Karen Graves in Monsters University. She also voiced Bonnie Hopps in Disney's 2016 animated feature film, Zootopia and Aunt Tilly in Sofia the First. Additionally, she played Bonnie Malloy in the ABC TV show, Life with Bonnie.

Disney Roles


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