"Boomerang, Dog of Many Talents" is a 1968 telefilm produced by Walt Disney Productions. It was originally broadcast on NBC as a two-part episode on Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color on September 22, and September 29, 1968.


Barney Duncan is a charming traveling tinker in the Old West, with a touch of the con-man and a beguiling Irish charm. His stock-in-trade is “selling” his talented dog, “Boomerang” . . . . again and again and again! The rouse is that he makes the deal for the sale and then, after he leaves, Boomerang runs away and rejoins him down the road a bit. But when Barney and Boomerang comes across pretty widow Molly Graham and her children, Simon and Janet, he finds himself in a dilemma because, after he makes his standard “sale”, he finds that Boomerang does not come back to him and he is forced to go back to the Graham farm. There Molly convinces him to help her take her flock of turkeys to market. But there are problems ahead with those who wish the Graham property and if the flock does not make it then the Grahams lose their land. Can Boomerang work his magic on his feathered charges and can Barney resist the charms of a damsel-in-distress?


  • Russ Conway ... Rancher
  • Pat Crowley ... Molly Graham
  • Darby Hinton ... Simon Graham
  • Rusty Lane ... F.M. Higbee
  • Darren McGavin ... Barney B. Duncan
  • Lori Farrow ... Janet Graham
  • Hal Baylor ... Hunter
  • Walter Sande ... Harker