Br'er Frog is a minor character from Song of the South.


Song of the South

Br'er Frog appeared fishing in this film before getting upset at Br'er Rabbit when he freed a fish he'd caught and stored in a can. He proceeded to interact with Uncle Remus, disapproving of the rabbit's recklessness.

Disney Parks

Splash Mountain

Br'er Frog notably appeared in the attraction Splash Mountain where he was voiced by actor James Avery. He first appeared in the beginning of the ride as a sort of host for the ride, being a grandfather whose grandchildren are pleading for him to tell them a story about Br'er Rabbit. He was seen smoking a pipe on the ride's first lift-hill, introducing the attraction's story and filling in the niche of Uncle Remus.

Br'er Frog was later seen again within the ride itself, laying atop the back of Br'er Gator as the gator went fishing. He sang the song How do you do? during this scene. He could later be seen again alongside Saddlesore Swanson later on in the ride, playing a bass.

Mark Twain Riverboat

Br'er Frog had a narration segment on the Mark Twain Riverboat in Disneyland while passing Splash Mountain on the Rivers of America. The captain of the Mark Twain turns to Br'er Frog to explain the people logs passing over the mountain to which he responds, "I told Br’er Rabbit he better mend his ways! I told him Br’er Fox and Br’er Bear gonna toss him over the falls, all the way to that there briar patch. Huh, funny thing is, folks seem to love splashin’ down that big old drop".


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