Brad Anderson is Sara's brother in Adventures in Babysitting.


Brad is one of the ordinary typical teens who go through life and takes life just as seriously enough as time goes on. Like any other teen, he takes friendship seriously enough.

Like a lot of siblings, he often has his moments of ups and downs with his sister, Sara, but still cares for her nevertheless.

Unknown to Chris Parker, he secretly has a crush on her and often writes love poems about her, and only dreams to have someone like her for a girlfriend. Even so, he often stands up for her whenever he feels it wrong for her to be taken advantage of. Though she doesn't to the feelings he has for her, Brad willingly accepts that they'd be the best of friends ever.

Role in the film

Brad is first seen in the kitchen cooking macaroni on the stove when Sara comes to tell him that their mom got Chris to babysit, which surprisingly shocked him ending up in him spilling the macaroni over the stove and onto the floor. He goes to check out his face in the mirror and tries to use his Clearasil only to find that all of it was gone. He berates Sara for wasting it on a picture of Thor, and calls him a "homo". She tries to get him to apologize for what he says about Thor, and blackmails him in threatening to tell Chris about the "love poems" he writes about her, and he says, "All right, Sara, I'm sorry. Thor's not a homo."

Later, when Brad and Sara's parents leave for the party at the Associates Center, Brad's best friend, Daryl Coopersmith, shows up. When Brad decides to cancel staying at Daryl's, Daryl decides he'd stay there instead. He shuts the door pushing Daryl out after he tells him that the girl in that month's Playboy magazine looks exactly like Chris.

Shortly thereafter, Chris gets a phone call from her friend, Brenda, from the bus station, who asks her to come and get her. Brad and Sara go with her, reluctantly bringing Daryl with them. Along the way, they get a flat tire from a blowout. There, they reluctantly accept a ride from John Pruitt, a tow truck driver, who decides he'd be happy to buy them a tire. Along the way, he gets a call saying that a suspicious "car" was parked in front of his place. They make the getaway in another car after Chris' car's windshield is accidentally shot out by Pruitt.

The car they got into is stolen by a professional car thief. Brad asks him if he'd drop them off at a mall, but he tells them he'd do so at a train station or something instead. They go to a chop shop operation, where Brad reluctantly introduces himself to the workers there and in the results of ending up upstairs for now. To Sara's suggestion, they escape through the rafters, after thinking the workers "might poke our brains out". There, they make the getaway, and into a Blue's music club, where they're forced to sing on the stage with the band after accidentally ending up on it while evading Bleak and Graydon in the process.

Outside the club, Brad tries to convince Chris to give him a chance of dating her, to which she laughs at him about in stating that he's a child, and he replies, "You're just a girl in love with an asshole." She tries to apologize for what she said, and he tells her no to worry about it. Afterward, Daryl is trying to get a date with a teenage runaway, and they remember they have to get Brenda. Soon after, they're chased by the car thieves again, and their only option is to make the getaway on the L train. On it, two opposite gangs try to get into a fight and kill each other, but Chris tries to persuade them to wait, only to be taunted by both gang leaders calling her the "B" word. There, Brad tries to get one of them to apologize while standing up for Chris. She warns him to stay out of it, with him hearing from the gang leader say, "Hey, listen to the *****, Brad." He tries to stand up to him, only to have him fling his switchblade knife into his toe inside his shoe. There, Chris pulls it out, threatens both gang leaders to protect Brad and Sara and Daryl, and they get off.

Once they get off, Brad can't feel anything. At Sara's suggestion, they take him to the hospital. There, Dr. Nuhkbane gives him one stitch. He thinks Chris would think he's a failure. Chris, Daryl, and Sara come for him, but Dr. Nuhkbane mistakenly was under the impression of him being the one with the "stab wound" and that he's dead, which makes Chris faint. He comes out, Sara hugs him, and Daryl does too. He wonders why Daryl is doing so, but Daryl tells him not to ever die on him. He promises that he won't.

Eventually, Pruitt shows up and tells them their car is in Dawson's Garage, and that Dawson would make them pay $50 for the tire. They go to a Kappa party, where Chris acquaints with a college guy named Dan Lynch, who offers to help out and could only get $45. He drives them to Dawson's Garage. Though Brad seemed a little down in that Chris seemed to have a crush on Dan. He thought Dan seemed "kinda cool" like Daryl thought she was.

At Dawson's Garage, Sara meets Dawson, who she took to be Thor, but Brad tries to assure him she's thinking he's someone else. Just then, she tells him not to listen to Brad and saying he was a homo. Dawson, not liking rumors spreading about him, taunts Brad, but he assures he never meant it. Just when they were almost kicked out for paying just $45 of the $50 they owe him, Sara convinces him to change his mind giving him her helmet. He decides to let them take the car anyway, give her helmet back saying he has one at home, and they leave.

Along the way to get Brenda and be home by 1am, Brad goes into the French restaurant with Chris, Daryl, and Sara, to confront Chris' boyfriend, Mike Todwell, for lying about Sara "being sick" and cheating on Chris with another girl. Brad confronts him about the whole thing, and just when he makes a derogatory remark about Chris, Brad threatens to hit him and pound on his face, and he dares him. Brad decides not to, in resulting of "sinking to his level," leaving Daryl to do so by kicking him in the butt into a table. Outside, impressed by how Daryl handled it, Brad gives him a high five, but they forget that they were supposed to be with Sara. Brad thought she would be right at the toy store looking at the toys they passed by earlier.

Eventually, Brad finds Sara's cape outside the Associates Center, figuring that she was there. There, he, Chris, and Daryl check the 42nd floor first, where Brad's parents' party is at. Chris sees Sara out the window, and they all go to the 45th floor to get her. There, after rescuing her, Joe Gipp meets them and asks for the Playboy magazine, which is in Sara's backpack. Brad wonders what to do about Graydon out the window, and Joe says, "Leave him hanging out there for a while, and let him sweat it out." Thereafter, they're confronted by Bleak, who wants the magazine and swears to "take care" of Brad and Sara, but Joe punches him out cold and gives him the magazine.

Afterward, they go to get Brenda at the bus station, and Brad lets her in. While on the way home, he sees Daryl trying to open her jacket, and he slaps his hand. Chris asks him and Sara if they are stumbling upon their parents' car and they speed right past it and duck out of sight. There, they speed on home and get on upstairs with Brenda going home, and Chris cleans up the mess Brad left from earlier. Right then, Mr. and Mrs. Anderson arrive home, thank Chris for watching Brad and Sara, and she goes to tell them good night. Brad tells her it's not a big deal if she ever ignored him at school, and she tells him "I don't ignore friends, Brad," indicating that they will always be the best of friends. Darryl thanks them all for the "greatest night far." Brad, Sarah, and Chris all say, "Me, too."

As Chris leaves, the Andersons thank her again, and just then Dan arrives. He's returning Sara's skate, and much to Chris' surprise, is looking for a babysitter for himself. Sara encourages Chris and Dan to kiss. Seeing that they are going to do so, Brad lets it be so, in thinking he is better than Mike and closes the blinds. There, Chris and Dan share their first kiss.

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