Brad Van Beck is a minor character in PKNA. He is an actor in the Channel 00 soap opera 'Anxieties', playing the main character, Perceval.

Comic History

He is first mentioned in "PKNA 0: Evronians", when Donald is watching 'Anxieties' and finds Van Beck has been replaced by Sean LeDuck, as it turns that Van Beck has disappeared. When LeDuck goes to writer Sam Plot's house, he finds Evronians who explain that they abducted Brad Van Beck as an experiment to see if the actors of 'Anxieties' can work as a catalyzer of the viewers' emotions.

Brad Van Beck physically appears in Issue 15, which is mostly about the 'Anxieties' cast. Brad is shown to still be a prisoner of the Evronians, albeit having TV and good food. When Zoster brings the rest of the cast as prisoners, he gets into an unending argument with Sean LeDuck about who deserves to be Perceval. After the Evronians are defeated by The Duck Avenger, filming of 'Anxieties' resumes with both actors playing long-lost twins, both named Perceval.

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