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[[File:Brady.png|right]] Brady is a main character in Teen Beach Movie. He is portrayed by [[Ross Lynch]].
[[File:Brady.png|right]] Brady is a main character in [[Teen Beach Movie]]. He is portrayed by [[Ross Lynch]].

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Brady is a main character in Teen Beach Movie. He is portrayed by Ross Lynch.


Brady is having the best summer with McKenzie, when her aunt arrives to bring her back for school. But, before she leaves, she joins Brady to surf one last wave for the summer. But after a surfing mishap Brady finds himself transported into a classic 1960s beach movie musical called Wet Side Story, accompanied by Mack.They soon discover that there is an intense rivalry between the local surfers and bikers. While Mack and Brady try to figure out a plan to get home,they accidentally interfere with the plot of the film,the lead characters- surfer Tanner and biker Lela fall for them instead of each other! Will Mack and Brady ever make it back to the present day? Or will this plot twist cause their fates to be changed . . . Forever?


Brady is a surfer and loves musicals especially Wet Side Story. He also loves hanging out with his girlfriend McKenzie. And when it comes to summer all he wants is to have fun and never stop.


Brady is a fun loving, happy, outgoing surfer dude, who also loves his girlfriend McKenzie. All Brady wants is to have an endless summer with music, waves, and his favorite movie Wet Side Story.

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