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Brady Parker is character from the Disney XD series Pair of Kings. He is the protagonist of the series, and one of the five main characters in the first two seasons of Pair of Kings. He is the King of Kinkow and the twin brother of Boomer (the latter's were then revealed to be triplets in season 3).

He has a crush on Mikayla and wishes to one day marry her and make her his queen. He makes no effort to hide this crush, and always compliments and tries to flirt with her. However, he didn't gain the confidence to ask her out till "Good King Hunting".

Brady left the island in Season 3 after overhearing Candis say that Mikayla thought he was too immature to even consider going out with him, leading to the discovery of his third, unknown brother, Boz. He is presumably once again living with his Aunt Nancy and Uncle Bill in Chicago.


Unlike Boomer, he inherited his dad's skin color. He says he is older of the triplets, but no one knows. Brady is the more serious of his family members and is normally the more intelligent and somewhat braver, he is, however, less confident in himself than Boomer. Brady has also shown to be very nice, nerdy, funny, loyal, and serious.

Brady is also somewhat smug, as is Boomer, commonly believing himself capable of things he normally is unable to do, commonly complimenting himself, and naming himself "King Brady, the all-powerful and adorable" Despite this, he is generally polite to everyone, and mostly friendly. He is, however, less trusting than his brother, as shown in "The Brady Hunch" but more responsible, when he wanted to take care of all his work as king, while his brother considered everything boring in "Dinner for Squonks".

Again, much like Boomer, Brady is somewhat eccentric, enjoying and taking part in unusual activities, such as having his breakfast thrown at him, sleeping in a bed made of money, and a nest, and keeping dozens of cookies under his sheets. The best example is probably when he was younger he spent years acting as harry potter, dressing up as him, and even referring to other people as characters from the book.

Brady does, however, have something of a darker side to his personality, possibly through years of being bullied, and being told what to do, he has no problems using or abusing his power, and can be quite harsh to anyone who questions or disobeys him, in "Big Kings on Campus" he causally threatened to send the teacher to the dungeon for arguing against his proposed holi-month, in "Oh Brother, Where Arr Thou?" He was furious upon discovering Mason and Mikayla had lied to him and considered sending them to the dungeon, something he only retracted when the agreed to do all the work. Perhaps the best example is "No Rhyme or Treason" where he outlaws poetry and threatens anyone who breaks this with imprisonment, even using the palace guards to enforce his ruling.

He can also be rash, quick to anger, slothful, has bad hygiene, and prone to making bad discussions, at his worst, there are times when he has been almost cruel. Despite this, deep down he is a good person, and when duty calls he will stand to the occasion, several times he has risked his own life or safety for his brother, his friends and his kingdom.

Several times he performs acts of kindness, simply for that, for example he went to incredible lengths to try and reunite Mason with his brother in "How I Met Your Brother", another time he went to greater lengths, to his help his brother recover (after he thought he had lost his girlfriend) by domesticating a cave girl who fell for him, even going back repeatedly after literally being thrown out by her, and gave her a complete makeover. He also couldn't bring himself to take the peoples money, and thus started stealing the money back from his tax collectors, and giving it to the people, event though he was massively in debt, in "King of Thieves".


  • Sparkling intelligence/street smarts: Brady has shown to be obviously the smarter (the more intelligent) of his family members, showing a sparkling intelligence, and there several examples of this, in "Return of the Kings" he analyze and think a lot about the decision to be king, While Boomer just wanted to get away with it, or when he questions why ships or planes are not taken to get to Kinkow, or when he faces the cave with spikes, remembering the words of his father "the first step to greatness is believing in your self" in "Kings of legend" he does a mathematical calculation to move the statue of Zadoc and in “Pair of Geniuses” when he regains his intelligence he said a long smart phrase or in "Trouble with the Doubles" when he perfectly planned an escape plan from the secret vault and in the same episode he reading the dictionary.
  • Above- Average condition: Despite rarely exercising, Brady is often shown to be highly agile and flexible, able to do somersaults, and even front flips with no apparent difficulty, he is also shown to be quite durable, recovering from injuries, such as been literally thrown out, and having a hundred pound tomato hit him, after a few minutes. He, like Boomer, is able to survive great falls, down to the fact that they took a class on surviving falls, back in Chicago. "Kings of Legend". These abilities served him greatly, for instance, when he used this agility to dodge Zadoc's fire bolts (Kings of Legend).
  • Hand-to-hand combat: Brady is more skilled at combat than Boomer, due to Mikayla's combat training, in 'Oh Brother, Where Arr Thou?' he took down a pirate using the pirate's peg leg (although he started the fight with a sword) without any help, he also took down several Tarantula people in "Prom Kings" and was able to match blows with Farhog the Firece for a few minutes in "Brady Battles Boo-mer," he also took down a few of Lanny's thugs, and beat them in a sword duel while posing as Sirocco in "King of Thieves" He also was able to match blows with Lucas, when fighting on his ship in "The Ex-Factor".
    • Swordsmanship: Although it is implied majorly throughout the series that Brady is a below average athlete and can barely lift a sword, a few instances have been seen where this rule is ignored for the excitement of the story. That would be his exploits as Sirocco in "King of Thieves", and after he is stabbed by the thorn in "The Evil King".
    • Sleep Ninja Brady: Brady also has the unusual habit, that sometimes when he's asleep, he turns into "Sleep Ninja Brady", who acts exactly like a ninja, according to Boomer, this habit stems from Brady watching Kung Fu movies every night before he went to bed. While a ninja, Brady gains incredible skill in hand to hand combat, able to take down four guards and even Mason, however he has no control over this, and normally attacks Boomer. "Sleepless in the Castle".
  • The Chime: Brady is able to play the guitar, and is a very good singer, and is known to the island as "the Chime". He however didn't perform for years, as he didn't want to be better at something than Boomer, as shown in "Tone Deaf Jam". Not only Brady can play guitar, but the flute (Where The Wild Kings Are, "[About Pupaley breaking his guitar that was my only way to get girls! I can't go back to playing the flute!"), and is a very good singer, something he inherited, as all other kings of Kinkow (except Boomer and boz) are also good singers. However, as revealed in Tone Deaf Jam (the episode in which he's first shown singing), he kept his gift secret for years, as he didn't want to upstage Boomer. He is also shown to have talent in writing — despite making seemingly obvious grammar mistakes (The Evil King) and stating that he can't write a note to Mikayla because it requires "proper schooling" (Good King Hunting) — as he's seen composing songs (An Ice Girl For Boomer), performing songs that he wrote (Tone Deaf Jam), and improvising a poem during a slam (No Rhyme Or Treason).


Season 1

  • Return of the Kings
  • Beach Bully Bingo
  • A Mermaid's Tail
  • Where the Wild Kings Are
  • Big Kings On Campus
  • The Brady Hunch
  • Junga Ball
  • Revenge Of The Mummy
  • Oh Brother, Where Arr Thou
  • No Kings Allowed
  • Pair of Jokers
  • Pair of Prom Kings
  • Tone Deaf Jam
  • The Bite Stuff
  • Brady Battles Boo- Mer
  • The King and Eyes
  • The Kings Beneath My Wings
  • Fight School
  • The Trouble With Doubles
  • Journey to the Center of Mt. Spew

Season 2

  • Kings of Legend
  • Kings of Legend part 2
  • Good King Hunting
  • Dinner for Squonks
  • Kings of Thieves
  • An Ice Girl for Boomer
  • Pair of Geniuses
  • How I Met Your Brother
  • The One About Mikayla's Friends
  • Do Over
  • Big Mama Waka
  • Sleepless in the Castle
  • Pair of Clubs
  • The Cheat Life of Brady and Boomer
  • The Ex Factor
  • Pair of Santas
  • No Rhyme or Treason
  • Mr. Boogey Shoes
  • The Young and the Restless
  • Crouching Brady, Hidden Boomer
  • Let The Clips Show
  • Beach Party Maggot Massacre
  • Make Dirt, Not War
  • "Cooks Can Be Deceiving"
  • "The Evil King"

Season 3

  • The New King (leaves Kinkow) (portrayed by a body double, not Mitchel Musso)
  • Fatal Distraction (indirectly mentioned)
  • Loathe Potion No. 9 (mentioned)
  • Yeti, Set, Snow (in pictures and mentioned)
  • Mysteries of Kinkow (as a baby and mentioned)
  • Meet the Parent (mentioned)
  • Long Live the Kings (mentioned)
  • Save the island
  • Save the island part 2
  • "The Pair of Kings Movie"


  • (To Mikayla) "Will you marry me?"

- Return of the Kings

  • "So let us say it so let it be done", "the first step to greatness is believing in your self".
  • "I love Roger. He makes me feel safe."
  • "Here, fishy, fishy, fishy."

- A Mermaid's Tail*"What say we keep our vines to ourselves."

  • "Dude, I've been trying everything to get Mikayla to notice me, combing my hair, brushing my teeth, showering every other day, with soap."
  • "Captain grabby hands must be stopped."
  • "...we are declaring an official holiday; no, holi-month"
  • "Time to get extreme!"
  • "Am I in Heaven"

- Big Kings On Campus

  • "You can tell I've been working out."
  • No you can’t, but, fifty of you can
  • "Oh, sorry handsome but there are already too many kings in this kingdom."

- The trouble with the doubles

  • "Mikayla what is with all this..work?"
  • "The chi-i-i-i-ime. The Chime"
  • ♪ Live like kings ♪


  • Brady didn't appear in season 3 due to Mitchel Musso going on a music tour and being fired because he was accused of drink driving.
  • Although it is uncertain, it is believed that Brady eventually reunited with Boomer, know the history of his long-lost triplet Boz, and married Mikayla.
    • It was rumored that there would be a The Pair of King Movie, where it takes a few years in the future and Brady returned the Island where he is all matured.
  • Brady is one of four characters to be a regular in the first two seasons of a Disney show and not return in Season 3. The other three characters are Gunther Hessenheffer from Shake It Up, Eddie Jones from Kickin' It, and Dirk Mann from Bizaardvark.

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