Brain is the dog of Penny and Inspector Gadget. He is voiced by Don Adams in the first film and by Jeff Bennett in the sequel.

Role in the film

Brain is first seen when he wakes up John Brown from his sleep after dreaming of becoming a police officer. Then he is seen when Penny visits her uncle in the hospital after an accident he had pursuing Sanford Scolex. Brain licks his mouth but Penny tells him not to. Brain is later shown in the Gadgetmobile cruising Riverton with his owners and then taken to the dump after finding out Gadget is there. He goes with Penny to Scolex's (now Dr. Claw) building to find proof her uncle is innocent. While Penny looks for the foot, Brain chases after Dr. Claw, but only manages to pull out his boxers. He is not seen again after this.


  • In the credits, he speaks with the voice of Don Adams, who was also the voice of Inspector Gadget in the TV series.
  • In the original cartoon, Brain was anthropomorphic and capable of running on two legs. He was also more in the field; acting as Penny's eyes and ears in defeating Claw. He also had a bad habit getting caught on Gadget's bad end as he would think he was an agent of Claw.


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