The following is a list of episodes of Brandy & Mr. Whiskers. All episodes are listed in the order in which they originally aired. All episodes aired so far have premiered on the Disney Channel and Toon Disney, which aired between August 21, 2004 to August 25, 2006.

Season 1

No. Title Original air date Prod. code
1 "Mr. Whiskers's First Friend" August 21, 2004 101a
Goofy-bunny Mr. Whiskers meets prissy-pooch Brandy Harrington within a cargo hold of a plane. When Whiskers mistakenly opens the hatch door, the pair is dropped into the Amazon Rainforest with no way home. Desperate and angry, Brandy makes a deal with the dictator lizard Gaspar: a way back to civilization in exchange for Mr. Whiskers as his dinner. In the end, she loses her way home, but truly gains a friendship with Lola Boa and Mr. Whiskers.
2 "The Babysitter's Flub" August 21, 2004 101b
Brandy volunteers to watch a crocodile's eggs for the day, but when Lola Boa and the Toucan Twins invite her to hang out, she leaves Whisker's in charge. It goes as well as expected with Whiskers losing the eggs and mixing them up with those of other animals. Now he and Brandy must retrieve the correct babies to avid Mama Croc swallowing them whole.
3 "Cyranosaurus Rex" August 21, 2004 102a
Spring is in the air as Whisker's falls in love for the first time: with a giant lizard, Isabel (Jennifer Hale). She wants nothing to do with the smelly rabbit, but Couch Brandy is determined that Whiskers can woo her. Meanwhile, Brandy has her own issues in fighting off a persistent little lemur (Charlie Adler & Jeff Bennett).
4 "To the Moon, Whiskers" August 21, 2004 102b
While out star-gazing, the gang meets the cosmonaut monkey Boris (Greg Baldwin), having crash-landed into the jungle. Though his shuttle comes equipped with a rescue signal button, he refuses to push it and have the humans return him to space. While Brandy schemes to call for her own rescue, Mr. Whiskers is having fun playing spaceman and thwarting her.
5 "Lack of Brains vs. Brawns" August 21, 2004 103a
Mr. Whiskers, being bullied by a cruel neighborhood gorilla, must find the confidence to stand up for himself before it drives him away from Brandy. Meanwhile, Brandy is on a mission to increase her public image in the jungle. Instead, she learns the importance of standing by your friends, even the uncool ones.
6 "The No Sleep Over" August 21, 2004 103b
Brandy is hosting a slumber party for girls only, kicking Whiskers out who forms one with Ed. Neither party is going too well until Whiskers begins a prank-war that quickly escalates into real trouble for everyone.
7 "The Fashion Fascist" August 21, 2004 104a
Brandy wants to try to introduce fashion to the jungle. The jungle denizens proclaim Mr. Whiskers is a fashion genius.
8 "Happy Birthdays" August 21, 2004 104b
It's Brandy's birthday though she is unhappy because it's her first birthday away from her family. She believes that it's also Whiskers' birthday as well.
9 "Funky Bunny" August 28, 2004 105a
Brandy is preparing for the Harrington Ball, which is a formal dance that the Harringtons have every year, but with all the hard work she forgot to get herself a date! She has Whiskers, and teaches him some etiquette manners.
10 "The Going Bananas Republic" August 28, 2004 105b
Brandy, disgusted with Gaspar's dictatorship, riles the jungle dwellers to hold an election for king. She and Whiskers win the job, but they quickly abuse the power just as bad as Gaspar, if not worse.
11 "Lame Boy" September 4, 2004 106a
Brandy stumbles across a suitcase that they weren't aware of, she finds a portable video game and she gives it to Mr. Whiskers to get him to stop bothering her. In the end, he finally has to save Brandy from falling off a cliff.
12 "Taking Paws" September 4, 2004 106b
Mr. Whiskers helps a jaguar named Lorenzo, but when he ends up driving Brandy and Mr. Whiskers at the hook, they try to find a way to get Lorenzo out of their lives. Lorenzo invites his family, which Brandy puts a stop to. In the end, Whiskers helps another huge creature with the same problem.
13 "Skin of Eeeeeeevill!!" September 11, 2004 107a
Mr. Whiskers accidentally crushes Lola's shedded skin with a boulder, in which he believes he killed her. Mr. Whiskers attempts to get inside Lola's skin to fool Brandy.
14 "A Bunny On My Back" September 11, 2004 107b
An Ocelot named Artaro (Jeff Bennett) catches Brandy's fancy, in which they fall in love and plan to go out on a date. Mr. Whiskers feels that Artaro is actually evil, and he tries to convince Brandy to not go out with him but it turns out that Mr. Whiskers is actually right.
15 "Lucky Rabbit's Feet" September 18, 2004 108a
When Mr. Whiskers finds out about luck, he believes his feet will provide him with the luck he needs to remain safe and get anything he wants, much to Brandy's dismay.
16 "Blind Ambition" September 18, 2004 108b
When Brandy introduces money into the jungle, she discovers its hard to live a life of luxury when you have to earn your finances. In the end, Whiskers pulls out what appears to be a huge emerald. Brandy exclaims that she is rich.
17 "Dear Diary" September 25, 2004 109a
When Brandy tells Mr. Whiskers to read something because he has too much time on his hands, she inadvertently leaves her Diary out in the open, in which Mr. Whiskers reads because of her suggestion. After a while he starts to read everyone else's diaries, too. In the end, Whiskers gets tied upside down as punishment.
18 "Less than Hero" September 25, 2004 109b
Brandy is holding a food drive for the less fortunate, in which Mr. Whiskers wants to help out. However, when Mr. Whiskers accidentally ruins the food drive, Brandy needs to find a way to make it work out anyway. So Mr. Whiskers becomes a superhero after reading a comic, but when everyone says that he's a menace, he decides to become a supervillain.
19 "Flim Flam Fever" October 2, 2004 110a
After Brandy realizes how difficult it is to wash clothes in the jungle, she sees Lola coughing. Brandy formulates a plan to pretend she is sick so she will receive such special treatment as well. Whiskers read up on the "disease" that Brandy has, and tries to find a cure, which gets everybody but Brandy sick. She then has to cater to everybody's needs.
20 "Private Antics, Major Problems" October 2, 2004 110b
When Brandy and Mr. Whiskers try to eat the tastiest fruit in the jungle, Brandy finds out that the fruit tastes like dirty socks and only Whiskers likes it. As Brandy marches off in frustration, she kicks down an ant hill, leaving it exposed to the ant eaters who attack the hill on a regular basis. They then have to join the ant army.
21 "The Curse of the Vampire Bat" October 29, 2004 115a
When Brandy and Mr. Whiskers go to meet a new neighbor, a vampire bat named Vlad (Tom Kenny); Mr. Whiskers becomes scared because he believes that the creature is a vampire, despite the fact that nobody believes that Mr. Whiskers is correct.
22 "The Monkey's Paw" October 29, 2004 115b
While enjoying themselves at the river, Mr. Whiskers inadvertently crashes into Ed after Ed crashes into a log, which causes Mr. Whiskers to fly into a Mayan temple. Inside, they discover an ancient monkey's paw that grants wishes. Brandy, in frustration, wishes that she never knew Whiskers. She then forgets who Whiskers is. After Whiskers explains, Brandy chases him (on account of ruining her life). In the end, Brandy knew Whiskers again.

Note: this episode is based on the short story "The Monkey's Paw" by W. W. Jacobs.

23 "A Tree Huggin' Bunny" December 3, 2004 112a
Brandy and Mr. Whiskers stumble across an old tree, in which Brandy learns that the tree is of a rare kind that is capable of building a vessel capable of getting her back to Florida. But Mr. Whiskers becomes obsessed with protecting it.
24 "The Big Game" December 3, 2004 112b
Brandy prepares for a big coco ball match against Gaspar Le Gecko's team, which is the best in the jungle. However, despite her attempts to train the team, Ed the Otter keeps messing up and causes the team trouble. Brandy gets rid of Ed, but Gaspar has Ed for his team, and ends up winning the game on account of Ed's slip.
25 "On Whiskers, On Lola, On Cheryl and Meryl" December 17, 2004 116
One Half-Hour. Brandy is upset because Christmas is coming and she misses spending Christmas at her home, surrounded by her family. However, since the jungle denizens don’t understand what Christmas is really all about, Brandy explains it to them, but then remembers about Santa Claus (Stephen Root). Brandy believes she’ll be able to get Santa to give her a ride home, so she starts spreading the joy of Christmas around the Amazon in order to get Santa's attention.
26 "Pedigree, Schmedigree" January 28, 2005 113a
Brandy's life is shattered when her adoption papers state she's not a pedigree but a mixed breed or, in her case, a "common mutt". She drops into a rut, filled with depression and lack of proper grooming, and it's up to Whiskers to bring her back before the big beauty pageant. He does so, and Brandy wins the Pageant.
27 "The Howler Bunny" January 28, 2005 113b
Mr. Whiskers leaves the treehouse after Brandy kicks him out, because of his sloppy behavior and becomes a son to a couple of Howler monkeys (Fred Willard and Tara Strong) . Meanwhile, Brandy finds a new roommate, but realizes that she misses Mr. Whiskers so she rescues him from the Howler monkeys and the two make up for what they did as they return to the treehouse.
28 "Bad Hare Day" February 4, 2005 114a
When Brandy has a red scarf and she wants to wear it to meet her friend's parents and tells Whiskers not to touch it (Or risk getting fed to the lions) Mr. Whiskers takes it without Brandy knowing and he messes it up when it goes into a volcano. Ed has an idea to weave a new scarf out of Whisker's fur, so they use bugs to shave it off (in the process he has to take off his jumpsuit), and a special formula to regrow his fur, however his fur keeps on growing longer and longer so he tries to fool Brandy into thinking it's growing strangely because he's old.

Note: Whiskers's age is mentioned only in this episode.

29 "Paw and Order" February 4, 2005 114b
Someone in the jungle is stealing animal's possessions and everyone blames it on Brandy. Whiskers tries to clear her name.
30 "One of a Kind" March 11, 2005 111a
A dog from Texas named Tiffany comes to the Amazon Jungle and becomes friends with Brandy. Whiskers tries to become friends with the two, but instead he builds a poorly-constructed robot.
31 "Believe in the Bunny" March 11, 2005 111b
Brandy doesn't believe in the Easter Bunny and Mr. Whiskers tries to make her believe.
32 "Bad Brandy" April 29, 2005 119a
Brandy is jealous of Mr. Whiskers because he is a better leaf boarder than she is.
33 "Two Heads Are Not Better Than One" April 29, 2005 119b
Mr. Whiskers walks into a swamp and comes out with two heads (Jeff Bennett), one being himself, and the other smart and intelligent and a bit snooty, such as a high British gentleman.
34 "Trouble in Store" May 20, 2005 120a
Mr. Whiskers get tricked by buying goods with Gaspar's Gold Card (parody of MasterCard).
35 "Payback" May 20, 2005 120b
Brandy saves Whisker's life causing him to cater to her very and every whim.
36 "Mini Whiskers" July 2, 2005 118a
Brandy and Mr. Whiskers have a picnic and encounter a baby pig-like animal in the bushes. Brandy trusts Whiskers to take care of him, but the baby seems to copy every thing Mr. Whiskers does and causes the baby to behave more immature and rude.
37 "Radio Free Bunny" July 2, 2005 118b
Mr. Whiskers swallows a meteor, which causes him to sound like a radio. Everyone uses him for aerobics, exercise, entertainment and other things. He gets tired of people grabbing him and using him, so Brandy helps him.
38 "The Show Must Go Wrong" July 22, 2005 117a
After finding a suitcase of video equipment, Brandy decides to make a video to send down the stream to help her get rescued. She and the rest of the jungle reenact the story of how she got stranded, but find it too boring, so Brandy ends up embellishing it. Getting carried away with the production, she starts to write her friends out of the script to add more of herself into it. Brandy has to finish the movie alone once she starts to act like a movie star and becomes too much of a diva for the other animals to work with.
39 "Whiskers the Great" July 22, 2005 117b
By pulling out the "Root of Power", Whiskers becomes the new Grouter and is worshiped by a pack of Rodents. He believes that the root is what helps him accomplish everything he does in life and that he's nothing without it. Brandy thinks otherwise.
40 "Freaky Tuesday" August 12, 2005 121a
After Brandy and Whiskers see a relationship therapist, Whiskers takes an exercise too far and pretends that he's Brandy, and vice versa. Everybody thinks this, except Brandy. In the end, Whiskers is back to his old self.
41 "The Brain of My Existence" August 12, 2005 121b
Mr. Whiskers' brain leaves his head to fulfill its own dreams.

Season 2

No. Title Original air date Prod. code
42 "Get a Job" February 3, 2006 201a
Brandy and Whiskers get jobs at the Amazon Mall, but Whiskers is the one that's doing all the work while Brandy just goofs off.
43 "Jungle Makeover" February 3, 2006 201b
Brandy and Mr. Whiskers separate the treehouse into two sides because Whiskers is driving her nuts. He then wins a house make-over and throws a big party and keeping Brandy away from it, but when Brandy finally gets accepted she takes a bad step and ends up destroying the huge mansion.
44 "Pop Goes the Jungle" February 10, 2006 202a
Brandy enters a karaoke contest, but has a scratchy singing voice. However, the leaders of the contest seem to love it.
45 "Wolfie: Prince of the Jungle" February 10, 2006 202b
Whiskers tries to teach Wolfie manners so he won't mess up his date with Brandy.
46 "The Tell-Tale Shoes" February 17, 2006 203a
Brandy steals a pair of expensive Bugley's shoes, but feels guilt for stealing them. (The title and the story are from Edgar Allan Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart")
47 "Time for Waffles" February 17, 2006 203b
Dental hygiene sweeps the Jungle as Brandy buys white strips.
48 "Any Club That Would Have Me as a Member" February 24, 2006 204a
Mr. Whiskers joins a gang of tough meat-eaters that want to sink their teeth into Brandy.
49 "Where Everybody Knows Your Shame" February 24, 2006 204b
Brandy's hair job goes wrong, after trying to turn her bad blue color back to blonde, the mixture turns into a frizzy green mess. This causes her to become the most mocked person in the jungle.
50 "Better Off Wet" March 3, 2006 205a
Brandy and Mr. Whiskers train to be lifeguards, but it turns out that Brandy can't swim very well.
51 "Loathe Triangle" March 3, 2006 205b
Whiskers and Ed fight over Margo for her affections.
52 "Pet Peeves" March 10, 2006 206a
Whiskers finds a new pet, then promptly loses it so Brandy gives him a little assistance.
53 "What Price Dignity?! (Cheap!)" March 10, 2006 206b
Gaspar offers Brandy a dress in exchange for being his girlfriend while his mother comes to visit, but it's revealed that Gaspar's mother is a fraud and made the whole thing up to go out with Brandy. This makes her explode so bad that she starts chasing Gaspar, even when Whiskers figures he can solve the problem.
54 "You've Got Snail" March 17, 2006 207a
An annoying snail moves in under Brandy and Whiskers, claiming he was there the entire time they were. Whiskers' ball bounces into the snail's home, and the snail refuses to give it back.

Note: In this episode, profanity can be heard.

55 "The Magic Hour" March 17, 2006 207b
Whiskers is revealed to have been a magician's rabbit, and Gaspar has found some magical socks which he starts using to threaten everyone in the jungle into doing what he wants. Whiskers then challenges Gaspar to a magic-off.
56 Net of Lies" March 24, 2006 208a
Brandy breaks her promise to go with Whiskers and help kids collect fireflies, and decides to go a Sugartoad concert.
57 "Dog Play Afternoon" March 24, 2006 208b
Brandy auditions for a play, but her audition becomes ruined because Margo puts celtzer in her drink, which causes her to burp in between lines. She exacts revenge against her by teaming up with Gaspar, who, unbeknownst to Brandy, is Whiskers' understudy.
58 "Auntie Dote" March 31, 2006 209a
Brandy and Mr. Whiskers throw a party and the house is now a mess. So they call a professional cleaner called Auntie Dote.
59 "Curses!" March 31, 2006 209b
Brandy accidentally purchases a cursed amulet, but Whiskers actually loves it.
60 "Con Hare" April 7, 2006 210a
Gaspar cons Whiskers out of a Sugartoad poster for Meteor insurance, only Whiskers starts to regret the trade and tries to get it back. But which item does he need most?
61 "Rain Delay" April 7, 2006 210b
Brandy plans a samba lesson with an admirer named Tito, but can't get there because of the severe rainstorm. However, Whiskers gives her a message from Tito, saying that he had to cancel their lesson because he had to visit his mother. Brandy is disgusted that Whiskers made her go all the way out there for nothing and then starts to nab him.
62 "Sandy & Mr. Frisky" April 14, 2006 211a
Sandy & Mr. Frisky are a dog and rabbit who bear an uncanny resemblance to Brandy & Mr. Whiskers. It starts when Brandy, Whiskers, Ed, Lola and Margo are home playing Truth or Dare and they hear something. Ed thinks it is a flashback from when Brandy & Mr. Whiskers were falling out the airplane. But it's Sandy & Mr. Frisky who are falling out of the airplane. They have been friends with them and Sandy & Mr. Frisky are better at everything than Brandy & Whiskers.
63 "Thinking Outside the Fruit" April 14, 2006 211b
Gaspar and Brandy make a bet that Whiskers can build a fruit car and can come back in 24 hours.
64 "Go! Fight! Win!" April 21, 2006 212a
Brandy and Whiskers audition to be cheerleaders.
65 "Class Dismissed" April 21, 2006 212b
Brandy wants to sign up for self-defense classes to protect herself and meet cute guys. Whiskers signs them up for every class except self-defense.
66 "Itty Bitty Kitty" April 28, 2006 213a
Whiskers finds an old toy that belonged to Brandy.
67 "Brandy's Best-Ever Boyfriend" April 28, 2006 213b
Brandy lies about having a rock-star boyfriend to go with her to Love-fest and has to pick up one quick.
68 "Stress Test" May 5, 2006 214a
Whiskers tries to solve Brandy's stress problem, but only makes matters worse.
69 "A Little Problem" May 5, 2006 214b
Whiskers and Gaspar are too short to ride a roller coaster, so they try to sneak in. They try everything, but nothing works. But Brandy and a guard convince him that rules are around for protection.
70 "A Really Crushing Crush" May 12, 2006 215a
Ed and Lola have a crush on each other, so Brandy tries to make the relationship perfect, while Whiskers tries to sabotage the whole thing.
71 "Pickled Tink" May 12, 2006 215b
Brandy hypnotizes Whiskers with a pinwheel, and he instantly begins cleaning whenever he hears the word 'pickle'. Unfortunately, everybody in the jungle starts saying 'pickle'.
72 "The Monster in My Skin" June 17, 2006 216a
While playing with Brandy's make-up, Whiskers gets a pimple and thinks he'll turn into a monster.
73 "Dollars and Senseless Violence" June 17, 2006 216b
When Mr. Whiskers finds a bag of shiny rocks, he and Brandy argue over what they should do with it.
74 "Big Girls Don't Body Slam" July 21, 2006 217a
When Whiskers decides to join Gaspar's wrestling league, he makes Brandy his tag team partner.
75 "I Am Rainfo" July 21, 2006 217b
Whiskers finds a book called "I Am Rainfo" and is constantly reading it. However, the cover is broken and its title is really "In the Amazon Rainforest". Whiskers, trying to figure out what it is, learns that it is his home along with Brandy's. However, the sheer creepy creatures in the jungle cause him to live on a raft.
76 "The Tortoise and the Hare-Brain" August 25, 2006 218a
After being mocked by tortoises, Whiskers decides its high time to challenge the tortoises to a match to tend the tortoise and the hare story end.
77 "Rip Van Whiskers" August 25, 2006 218b
After Whiskers thinks he has been bitten by a frog that can make victims sleep for 50 years, he decides to do a lot of things before he dies, including "kiss a pretty girl".

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