Brandy & Mr. Whiskers Theme is the main theme song from the Disney Channel show, Brandy & Mr. Whiskers. It was performed by Lou Bega.


(Wow! Ha ha ha)

Who's a little like water and oil?
Brandy and Mr. Whiskers
What's in the kettle and ready to boil?
Brandy and Mr. Whiskers

One smelly rabbit and one pampered pooch
Fell from a plane with no parachutes
Got stuck in a jungle putting down roots,
Brandy and Mr. Whiskers

Side by side,
Different as day or night
But it's quite alright sharing a life in the trees
Nose to nose,
They can be friends or foes
Whether they're whining or minding their manners,
They're driving each other bananas!

(Brandy and Mr. Whiskers,
Brandy and Mr. Whiskers,
Brandy and Mr. Whiskers,

What will it take for your friendship to thrive?
Brandy and Mr. Whiskers
Can you avoid being eaten alive?
Brandy and Mr. Whiskers

You snooty little cutie with your nose in the air,
You overly dramatic aromatic hare
They'll barely survive the fate that they share,
A dysfunctional brother and sister
Brandy and Mr. Whiskers!
(Ha ha ha ha!)



  • One of the scenes in the song, Brandy was chasing after Mr. Whiskers before she threw a mango at him. The scene was borrowed in "Mr. Whiskers's First Friend", however, instead of throwing the mango Brandy ended up in quicksand.

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