"Bravo, Stromboli!" is the main villain song from the film Geppetto. It is sung by, of course, Stromboli, partially as his puppets as he plots to recapture Pinocchio for all future shows.


[Any parts in brackets are not on the soundtrack. All spoken parts are italicized.]

After years of a second-rate act on a second-class circuit
After years of obscurity, toiling, in doubt, and in debt
Comes a chance I could perk up luck, and I'm going to perk it
Think of the rapture
Once we recapture
That marvelous marionette.

[(as a female puppet) La la la la, la la la la la la, la la la la la la la la.]

Remember the audience cheering the puppet who's stringless?
Remember them throwing those purses of gold our way?
It's clear, a performance without him is going to bring less.
We've got to find him,
Catch him and bind him.
And cage him again till we stage him again, and they say,

Bravo, Stromboli!
(as a puppet) Bravo!
Bravo, Stromboli!
(as a puppet) Maestro!
Bravo, Stromboli,
Practic'lly holy,
You are a showman
Second to no man
And with the tickets
Selling so quick, it's
Making us antsy
For if we can't see
Signor Stromboli, an imbroglio
There's going to be!
Stromboli Bravi--

But what if we never can find our dear little dummy?
(as a puppet) Ohhh.
Farewell to my riches. Addio, admiring throngs.
I will not allow my good fortune to be taken from me.
We'll search for Pinocchio
From here to Tokyo
And bring him back where he belongs.

Perhaps little Woody's forgotten that he signed a contract
That binds him to me in each codicil, rider, and clause.
Ensuring whenever my orchestra strikes up their entr'acte,
He'll be appearing,
And I'll be hearing
The jingle of coins and the tingling sound of applause.

Bravo, Stromboli.
(as a puppet) Bravo!
Bravo, Stromboli.
(as a puppet) Magnifico!
We'll name a cannoli
After Stromboli
We who are lowly
Think of you solely
As the Napoleon of puppeteers.
After all of the years,
All of the tears,
Hearing the cheers,
Ring in my ears.
Silence the scoffers
Fill up the coffers
Weighing the offers
Everyone proffers.
They're dying to back you with such a spectacular show.
They "ooh" and they "ahh,"
Acclaim and eclat,
Stromboli, hurrah!

We go!

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