"Brazil Nuts" is the first segment of the third episode of The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa.


Timon tries to sneak up on water bugs in the Amazon River, but Pumbaa scares them away. Bubbles appear around them. Timon thinks it is Pumbaa but it is revealed to be piranhas swimming around them. Having ignored the warning signs, they seek to find bugs on land. Sarcastically, Timon says it would be nice to find an all you can eat bug buffet. Immediately, they spot a free buffet, which Pumbaa says is too good to be true. Timon begins to gorge himself, but his warthog pal is suspicious. The snake "waiter" comes up and Timon requests ants for the feast.

As Eddie the snake goes to his snake friend Ralph, the mastermind behind the plan to lure the African animals and eat them. Ralph sends Eddie off to make preparations for the meal, unaware that Pumbaa was listening in on them.

Pumbaa charges back to tell Timon, who is now extremely obese, that the snakes plan to eat them. Ralph swoops in and snatches Pumbaa away, but, when he misses Timon, he tells him he has to take him to the VIP dining room. When they are tied above a boiling cauldron, Timon finally realizes the true intentions of the snakes. They soon escape and begin plotting to trick the snakes.

Timon and Pumbaa set up a fast food restaurant that caters to carnivores. The snakes fall for it easily and walk into the restaurant, which was really built on the edge of a cliff over the Amazon River. The two predators fall in and are chased away by the voracious piranhas, while Timon laughs at them and cracks jokes.


  • There's a reference to The Lion King movie: when Eddie and Ralph try to eat Timon, Pumbaa yells, "They're gonna eat us!" and Timon asks, "Who?", just like when Nala was chasing Pumbaa and he got stuck under a fallen tree.
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