"Breakout Star" is the second segment of the fifth episode of Amphibia. It premiered on June 24, 2019.


Anne's pimple breakout makes her a celebrity in Wartwood Swamp.


Anne wakes up in terror to discover that she has acne. The Plantars do not seem to mind her appearance however, though she is still devastated by her pimples. Hop Pop forces Anne to leave the house to help sell the produce at the market, so she goes with a head sash and sunglasses feeling that she will be ostracized even further by the Amphibians. Two children accidentally knock her disguise away where to her surprise the Amphibians are in love with her "ruby red warts" and begin to praise her for her appearance. Meanwhile, Mayor Toadstool learns from Toadie that his acceptance polls are down and he needs to find some way get them back up (he has been scamming the townsfolk of their taxes). He sees Anne getting praise and suddenly gets an idea.

Mayor Toadstool invites Anne to act as a spokesperson for him and she accepts as this means that people will stop being afraid of her. She begins to abuse her fame with the Plantars being left in the dust by Anne's success. Despite them voicing their disappointment in Anne being a different person, they still respect her. Anne wakes up one day to see that her zits are gone and contacts the Plantars who willingly help her. They sneak her away from her "f-annes" and take her to the swamp so that she can use swamp berries as replacements for her acne.

Anne arrives to give her speech to the Wartwood citizens, but before gets told by Mayor Toadstool that she should leave her family behind. Not wanting to live a lie, Anne removes her berries in front of everyone and Mayor Toadstool humiliates himself by calling the citizens idiots. The Plantars take Anne back in as their "monster in the basement" and they all celebrate by deciding the use the Jacuzzi in the suite that Mayor Toadstool had given Anne earlier before they change the locks.



  • The statue of Anne holding a small frog's hand is a reference to the statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse.
  • When Hop Pop acts a distraction for Anne, Sprig and Polly to escape he says "Fly you fools", a famous quote from Gandalf from the Lord of the Rings.


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