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Bria, Gavin, and Angmar are a trio of of young witches who appear in the Disney Channel animated series, The Owl House. They are students from Glandus High, who are adventurous as well abusive towards those who they consider weak. They appear as the main antagonists of the episode "Through the Looking Glass Ruins".



The self appointed leader of the group, who is apart of the Construction Track. Bria is very positive, but has a lot of layers. She is known to be adventurous and wanting to go on a quest. But she is revealed to actually be greedy, selfish and abusive: this is shown through her making threats to her friends, leading the attempt to rob a graveyard for relics for either her own personal use or to sell to the Emperor's Coven and supporting the 'rule by the strong' ideology at Glandus.


As a member of the Abomination Track, Gavin is really good at creating abominations. He also longs for his father's attention.


Angmar is shy and quiet member of the trio, and whimsical at the same time. He can also become easily distracted, especially by butterflies. As a member of the Plant Track, he hopes to someday grow his own forest and create a butterfly sanctuary.


  • Gavin is Nik Dodani's voice acting debut.
  • Bria's voice actress, Felicia Day, also voiced Mary Jane Watson from Spider-Man.
  • Angmar bares a slight resemblance to Amethyst from Steven Universe.
  • Angmar's obsession with insects, such as butterflies, is shared with Amity's father Alador.
  • Gus appeared to have a slight crush on Bria.
  • Angmar may be named after the Witch King of Angmar.


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