Briar Cudgeon is a secondary antagonist in the 2020 film Artemis Fowl and a Lieutenant in the LEP. As the leader of the LEPRetrieval team tasked with rescuing Holly Short, he conspires to usurp command of LEPRecon from Commander Root.


The LEPRetrieval team sent to the surface to rescue Holly Short from Fowl Manor is headed up by Briar Cudgeon. He uses the siege as leverage to seize control of command from Commander Root, and eventually attempts to have her arrested. He sends a troll into Fowl Manor and is secretly working under the command of Opal Koboi.


Briar Cudgeon is a "complete opportunist", who takes every chance he can get to advance his own position in life, often at the expense of others. He is envious of Commander Root's position at the head of LEPRecon and believes that he would be better suited in the leadership position. Cudgeon is easily rattled, and when he finally attains the power he is seeking, he does not use the power well. Cudgeon has a strong dislike of humans and some other fairy species, such as Centaurs. He considers the prospect of working with humans to be unacceptable.

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