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Bride of Boogedy is a 1987 family film, directed by Oz Scott[1] and written by Michael Janover, which originally aired as an episode of "The Disney Sunday Movie."[2]

It tells the continuing story of the Davis family and their encounters with an evil 300-year-old ghost in the fictional New England town of Lucifer Falls. The film is a sequel to Mr. Boogedy,[2] which aired in 1986.


The movie begins about a year after the events of the first story. The Davis family has fit in very well with the townspeople of Lucifer Falls. *Almost* all of them, except for a grumpy general store owner, Tom Lynch (played by Eugene Levy) who has a great disdain for Carlton and the growing popularity he's gained among the townspeople. But that is the least of their worries, as their daughter Jennifer, and two younger sons, Corwin and Aurie, begin to sense that Mr. Boogedy may return for revenge. Though both parents shrug off the idea, even after getting a warning from a fortune teller Madeleinska (played by Karen Kondazain). To put an end to their children's beliefs, Carlton and Eloise use their faux seance both to prove that Boogedy is gone. However, the two unwittingly awake his spirit while Carlton impersonates him; which may have been helped when Lynch tried to take out their store's power.


  • Richard Masur as Carlton Davis
  • Mimi Kennedy as Eloise Davis
  • Tammy Lauren as Jennifer Davis
  • David Faustino as Corwin Davis
  • Joshua Rudoy as Aurie Davis replacing Benjamin Gregory who played Aurie Davis in Mr. Boogedy
  • Leonard Frey as Walter Witherspoon
  • Howard Witt as William Hanover/Mr. Boogedy
  • Eugene Levy as Tom Lynch
  • Ray Girardin as Elmer
  • Alice Hirson as Mrs. Hooter
  • Karen Kondazian as Madeleinska
  • Vincent Schiavelli as Lazarus
  • Jeff Abbott as Crowd Member #2
  • Annie Abott as Crowd Member #3
  • Robert V. Barron as Undertaker
  • Michael Bartholomew as Jonathan
  • Minda Burr as Mother
  • Bill Capizzi as Pizza Man
  • Kristin Clayton as Linda
  • Betty Cole as Crowd Member #1
  • Terrence Evans as Mechanic
  • Matthew Hurley as Brave Kid
  • Lora Marie Oberhofer Taylor as Mrs. Ripper



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