Bridget is a major character from the 2006 CG animated Disney film The Wild.


The Wild

Bridget is a feisty, wisecracking giraffe and Benny's love interest. She is also the only female in the zoo group. Bridget is insecure and easily pampered. She is quick-witted and wants to be seen as strong and independent. Bridget is also witty and noted for her great sarcasm. She respects Samson and is good friends with Larry. She finds Nigel annoying at times (but is also his friend), and loves Ryan like her own cub. She at first finds Benny super irritating and boring, but when Benny falls off the garbage truck, she shows great concern. At the film's climax, she later warms up to Benny and finally kisses him, which makes Benny shocked and happy. Bridget is often noted for her beauty both inside and out, quoted as a goddess by Nigel.


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