Brotherly Love is an American sitcom that ran from September 16, 1995 to April 1, 1996, on NBC, and then moved to The WB, where it aired from September 15, 1996 until May 18, 1997. The series was created by Jonathan Schmock and Jim Vallely, and produced by Witt/Thomas Productions in association with Walt Disney Television. The primary focus of the series is on the relationship of three brothers, played by Joey Lawrence, Matthew Lawrence, and Andrew Lawrence.


Main characters

  • Joseph "Joe" Roman (played by Joey Lawrence) — He is the oldest of the three brothers. He is a half-brother to Matt and Andy. Claire is his stepmother. He is vain, cocky and arrogant at times, and thinks highly of himself, though he is a good person at heart. He is constantly fighting for the affection of Louise Davis. His brothers really look up to him as a role model and as a father-figure. He was born on November 10, 1975 as revealed in the episode "Once Around The Block" making him 20 years old at the start of the series.
  • Matthew "Matt" Roman (played by Matthew Lawrence) — He is 15-16 and is the middle child. He bows to peer pressure easily. He is also put down by his family with some of his doings as well. Matt was an absolute neat freak and germaphobe; at the age of one, he could change his own diaper, and he went through his entire childhood without ever catching the chickenpox. He loved washing the dishes and was known for other odd habits like making "Matt water", folding his socks. Unlike Joe and Andy, he never did well with girls. He has a crush on Kristin and is said in the episode, "I scream, You scream", that Matt is in love with Kristen. He sang twice, once in an angel costume singing the last two bars of "Silent Night" (A Roman Holiday), the other (Art Attack) when he played his mother's guitar and sang a song called "Pigeon On Your Car" which was written by Matthew Lawrence himself.
  • Andrew "Andy" Roman (played by Andrew Lawrence) — He is the youngest. He is seen wearing a variety of costumes (including Wolverine and Spider-Man). He is a bundle of mischief and has a vivid imagination. In one of the episodes, he is "in love" with Lou Davis, and writes her an email.
  • Louise Davis (played by Liz Vassey) — She is a female mechanic who is seen going out with different men in a few episodes. She is an artist, even having crafted a ring for one of her suitors. She is always making sarcastic remarks to Joe from what he says about her. In later episodes it is showed that she may have love interests in Joe Roman. Joe and Lou kiss under the mistletoe in an episode called, "A Roman Holiday" and in an episode, "Other people". Andy is said to be in love with her, and receives an email from him, signed, A Roman who loves you. She automatically believes it was Joe.
  • Claire Roman (played by Melinda Culea) — She is Joe's Stepmother, and the other two boys' birth mother. She is a take-charge kind of woman and sometimes thinks Joe is a bad influence to Matt.
  • Lloyd Burwell (played by Michael McShane) — A former Coast Guard for six years and occasional mechanic. He is overweight and is sometimes needy, but under his gruff exterior lies a sensitive, intelligent man. He used to go by the alias "The Masked Avenger", an alias he used to play pranks on Mr. Hangarter, a cruel drivers' education teacher. Lloyd is known to be somewhat stupid and ignorant, but in some episodes has surprised everyone and shown to be very intelligent.

Minor characters

  • Kristin (played by Rebecca Herbst) — She used to attend house parties often, but now has cleaned up her act. She is one of Matt's best friends. She used to have a crush on Joe. Matt has a crush on her, but she sees him more of a brother than a boyfriend. She was a badgirl and got drunk, but changed after Matt and her started hanging out with her.
  • Silent Jim (played by Karl David-Djerf) — He rarely speaks but when he does, Matt describes it as "something special". Instead of speaking he usually communicates with a laugh. He is a recurring cast member, although, he doesn't appear in many episodes.
  • Lloyd's Mother (played by Estelle Getty, seen only in season two's "Motherly Love") — She lives in a trailer, and is part of the reason why Lloyd is so needy. She can do cartwheels despite her age. She also teaches the mambo and is said to clip Lloyd's toenails.


Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired USA and Canada
First aired Last aired
1 18 September 16, 1995

August 23, 2004

April 1, 1996

September 21, 2004

2 22 September 15, 1996

September 22, 2004

May 18, 1997

October 28, 2004

Season 1 (1995 1996) Astral Media Family Channel Canada August 23, 2004 and September 21, 2004

Episode in USA Episodes in Canada Title Directed by Written by Original air date

USA and Canada

1 1 "Pilot" Terry Hughes Jim Vallely & Jonathan Schmock September 16, 1995

August 23, 2004

Joe's parents are divorced and he moves away with his mom and his dad starts a new life with his new wife Claire. His dad and Claire have two sons named Matt and Andy, and after their dad dies in a racing accident, Joe goes to them to collect his share of his dad's garage.
Guest stars: Melissa Clayton as Andrea and Jerry Lambert as Mitch
2 3 "Such a Bargain" Terry Hughes Jim Halkett September 17, 1995

August 25, 2004

Lou makes an art sculpture that catches the interest of Russell Winslow (Bryan Cranston), an art dealer who comes by, but Joe does not trust the man. Meanwhile, Matt becomes so interested in a female classmate that he does everything in his power to impress her, including ordering a limo for the school dance.
Guest star: Mike Starr as Gus
3 5 "The Liberty Bell Show" Terry Hughes Craig Hoffman September 24, 1995

August 30, 2004

Matt has a crush on his forensics teacher, Debbie (Tyler Layton), and arranges to have her busted car fixed for free at the garage. But, when Joe meets Matt's teacher, Matt and Joe end up having a thing for Debbie and the half-brothers fight over which one should take the teacher out for a date. Meanwhile, Andy visits the Liberty Bell and fears that he accidentally "damaged" the bell.
Guest star: Hiram Kasten as Tour Guide
4 6 "A Midsummer's Nightmare" Terry Hughes Pamela Eells October 1, 1995

August 31, 2004

Matt gets a part in a school play and Joe keeps teasing Matt about his role in the school's production of William Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream". This ends up hurting Matt's confidence, but Joe needs to build confidence himself when he agrees to be a nude model for Lou's art class.
Guest stars: Justine Johnston as Mrs. Maguire and Jonathan Charles Kaplan as Ira Stoltzer
5 2 "Uptown Girl" Terry Hughes Michelle J. Wolff October 8, 1995

August 24, 2004

Joe deserts his responsibilities when he meets a free-spirited woman. Andy makes a new friend after taking Joe's advice. Matt also takes Joe's advice but this makes him uncool at school.
Guest stars: Terry Bradshaw as Himself, Mathea Webb as Christy, Jonathan Charles Kaplan as Ira Stoltzer, Victor Raider-Wexler as Mr. Levenstein
6 8 "The Comic Con" Terry Hughes John Levenstein October 25, 1995

September 2, 2004

Lloyd meets Lotus (Megan Cavanaugh), a woman on the internet and he is so interested in her, that he lies about his appearance to make the woman like him. Meanwhile, Matt gets a pimple and tries everything to hide it in time for his first date.
Guest star: George Takei as Himself
7 4 "The Sleepover Show" Terry Hughes Eddie Gorodetsky October 29, 1995

August 26, 2004

Bridget (Wendy Benson) an old friend from high school visits Joe and he invites her to spend the night. Matt accidentally sees the girl get out of the shower, causing Claire to tell Joe he is setting a bad example for the younger boys. Andy, meanwhile, cannot tell his mom that he is not ready to go to a sleepover party at a neighbor's house and winds up sneaking downstairs to Joe's room to avoid his mother, ending up spending the evening with Joe and Wendy instead.
Guest star: Jonathan Charles Kaplan as Ira Stoltzer
8 7 "Witchcraft" Terry Hughes Jonathan Schmock October 30, 1995

September 1, 2004

A fortuneteller gives Joe a Halloween scare, as well as Andy's "disappearance"; Claire goes to a party on her own, while Matt endures the taunts of college-age trick-or-treaters. And Lloyd watches the "scariest movie ever made": The Sound of Music.
Special guest star: John Kassir as The Crypt-Keeper

Guest stars: Laura Summer as Julie, Brandt Van Hoffman as Missing Sock and Melanie Hutsell as Wilma Note: Rondell Sheridan and Camille Winbush (of the fellow NBC and Witt/Thomas Productions sitcom Minor Adjustments) guest starred in this episode, however they are not credited for their appearance. Minor Adjustments followed Brotherly Love on NBC's Sunday night Fall lineup at the time.

9 10 "Bait and Switch" Terry Hughes John Levenstein November 12, 1995

September 7, 2004

A conspiratorial Lloyd locks up Joe and Lou in the storeroom on a day that Lou has arranged a blind date to get them to fall in love. But he could not have chosen a worse day because Joe has promised to aid Matt in a date with destiny – a fight with a school bully.
10 11 "Outbreak!" Terry Hughes Craig Hoffman November 19, 1995

September 8, 2004

Claire, Andy, and Lloyd have the chicken pox, because of this Claire cannot do her work leaving Joe in charge. Joe makes an executive decision to expand Roman Customizing by signing a new account – one that Claire had turned down.
11 13 "A Roman Holiday" Terry Hughes Jim Vallely December 18, 1995

September 13, 2004

Christmas morning is coming and Andy told Lloyd to tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas. Lloyd promised Andy that Santa would come through for him but finds himself in a bind when he is unable to pull it off.
12 12 "Once Around the Block" Terry Hughes Jonathan Schmock March 4, 1996

September 9, 2004

Matt hopes to shed his boring image by catching the action at a salsa dance club. When his mom and Lou suddenly show up, as does Lloyd, he does not know what to do. Andy is thrilled when Joe works on a car that is oddly similar to the Batmobile.
Guest stars: Jonathan Charles Kaplan as Ira Stoltzer, Gina Gallego as Lupe and Stephen Lee as Cop
13 16 "Remember" Terry Hughes Pamela Eells March 11, 1996

September 16, 2004

Claire becomes worried about Joe, when he decides that he wants to race just like his dad. Meanwhile, Matt gets a job at Lucky Burger as the restaurant's mascot, he then auditions to for a promotion to be the restaurant's mascot.
Guest stars: Nestor Carbonell as Eduardo Vega, Tom Kenny as Doug and Jonathan Charles Kaplan as Ira Stoltzer
14 18 "Big Brotherly Love" Terry Hughes Jonathan Schmock & Jim Vallely March 18, 1996

September 21, 2004

Matt and Andy think that Jack (Tom Arnold), a man who Claire enlisted to be a mentor to Matt and Andy as part of the Big Brothers program, is great but to Joe, Jack is trying to replace their dad.
Guest stars: Billy West as Billy and Jimmy Briscoe as Jimmy
15 15 "Bride and Prejudice" Terry Hughes Michelle J. Wolff March 25, 1996

September 15, 2004

Lou's boyfriend Josh proposes to her and now she has to make a difficult decision: accept or try to make it work with Joe. Matt's new friends make fun of Lloyd.
16 14 "Double Date" Jonathan Schmock John Levenstein April 1, 1996

September 14, 2004

Joe is annoyed is with his latest squeeze Amy (Lisa Rieffel), Lou feels the same way about her latest fling Tom (Peter Krause), They suggest to double date and they hope their dates will fall for each other. Matt grows out of spending time with childhood best friend Lance.

Season 2 (1996 1997) Astral Media Family Channel Canada September 22, 2004 and October 28, 2004

Episodes in USA Episodes in Canada Title Directed by Written by Original air date

USA and Canada

17 20 "Lord of the Guys" Art Dielhenn Bill Vallely & Mark McClennan September 15, 1996

September 23, 2004

Lou takes Claire away from the house for a girl's weekend at a spa and the boys have to look after themselves. Luckily for Joe and Andy, Matt knows what to do.
Guest star: Maya Turley as Annica

Note: Starting with this episode, the series moved to The WB.

18 19 "Joe at 21" Art Dielhenn Eddie Gorodetsky September 22, 1996

September 22, 2004

It is Joe's 21st birthday, he spends the night in a bar thinking about his dad. The rest are planning a surprise party for him, when Joe gets home he is drunk.
Guest star: Blake Clark as Mickey
19 22 "Claire's First Date" Art Dielhenn John Levenstein September 29, 1996

September 28, 2004

Claire prepares for her first real date since her husband's death. Ed, a pool buddy of Joe's. Matt and Andy dislike him because they think it is a replacement of their father.
Guest star: Sid Melton as Delivery Man
20 30 "Other People" Art Dielhenn Jim Vallely October 6, 1996

October 12, 2004

Joe and Lou agree to be "just friends" and date other people, but Joe fumes when Lou's "other person" is someone named Mel, he does not know – and then he unwittingly asks out Lou's best friend Melanie Marcos (Jennifer Aspen), the Mel to which Lou was referring. Marc Weiner stops by the shop, to have his puppet truck customized.
21 23 "Viva la Fraternite" Jonathan Schmock Jonathan Schmock October 13, 1996

September 29, 2004

Both Joey and Matt ask Andy's new baby sitter for a date. Meanwhile, Lloyd gets a really big toupee which everyone is scared of. Meanwhile, Lou looks forward to seeing her father but once again he does not know if he will show up.
Guest stars: Veena Bidasha as Ava, Neena Bidasha as Eva and Linden Chiles as Chuck
22 21 "Big Mike" Art Dielhenn Craig Hoffman October 20, 1996

September 27, 2004

The boys are really excited when their grandfather Big Mike (Gil Gerard) comes by for a visit, they all have a great time, but Mike makes some promises he cannot keep.
Guest star: Blaire Baron as Millie
23 24 "Motherly Love" Art Dielhenn Bill Vallely & Mark McClennan November 3, 1996

September 30, 2004

Lloyd's RV-driving mom Myrna (Estelle Getty) visits the garage. At the same time, Joe is pushing Andy to enter in a pine-box derby – to prevent a business rival's son from beating Matt's previous winning record.
Guest stars: Lee Arenberg as Pasternack and Aron Eisenberg as Little Ricky
24 25 "Kernel of Truth" Art Dielhenn Ricky Blitt November 10, 1996

October 4, 2004

Andy figures he will not get into any more trouble in school if Joe dates his stern but attractive teacher Miss Harper (Tricia Leigh Fisher). Claire dates Jimmy (Tony Carreiro), a man she met at the supermarket, who has serious mommy issues. Psychology student Matt fears he may have obsessive-compulsive disorder.
25 26 "Downtown Girl" Art Dielhenn Nicole Avril & Sue Kolinsky November 17, 1996

October 5, 2004

Joe meets Phoebe D. (Andrea Bendewald), an old classmate who is heading towards stardom in her music career, this makes him think about the decisions he has made. Matt is stuck doing a science assignment with Lydia Lump (Jodie Sweetin), a nerdy classmate.
Note: During the closing credits, the song "Class Act", performed by guest star Andrea Bendewald as Phoebe D. is played.
26 27 "The Great Indoors" Art Dielhenn Nicole Avril & Sue Kolinsky November 24, 1996

October 6, 2004

Andy is proud of getting his wilderness badge, he wants to wear this on the camping trip that his pioneers group was planning. Thanks to a storm the trip gets cancelled, but they end up having the camping trip in the garage. Meanwhile, Claire and Lou have a girls movie night and end up bawling in tears with every movie they watch.
Guest stars: Jennifer Lyons as Patty and Portia Dawson as Suzie
27 9 "The Driving Lesson" Terry Hughes Eddie Gorodetsky December 8, 1996

September 6, 2004

A merciless driver's-ed teacher Mr. Hangarter (Keene Curtis) may have Matt's future in mind when he passes out grades, but Joe has only revenge in mind when he rallies Matt, Lloyd, and Lou in playing a prank on the man in order to get back at him.
Note: This episode was originally produced for the first season, but its original broadcast was held over until the second season.
28 29 "Power of Love" Art Dielhenn Michelle J. Wolff December 8, 1996

October 11, 2004

Eduardo returns to turn to town sweeping Lou off her feet romantically, much to Joe's chagrin. Getting advice from Eduardo, Matt says meaningless "I Love You's" to date attractive girls. After listening to numerous self-help tapes, Lloyd decides to quit his job at the garage to try and fulfill his dreams. Claire is worried that Andy is emulating Joe's lack of affection for other people.
Guest stars: Luigi Amodeo as Eduardo Vega (previously played by Nestor Carbonell in season one) and Sid Melton as Captain Speedy
29 32 "Party Girl" Jonathan Schmock Jim Vallely January 12, 1997

October 14, 2004

Kristin (Rebecca Herbst) is a new girl in Matt's life. Everyone around him agrees that Kristin is out of his league because the girl drinks and goes to rave parties, but Matt protests.
Guest star: Phil Proctor as Art Dealer
30 33 "Skin Deep" Paul Miller Ricky Blitt January 19, 1997

October 18, 2004

Matt and Kristen are still hanging out together, Kristen then sets Matt up with Carly (Elisabeth Harnois) a depressive girl who wants him to get a tattoo. Meanwhile, Joe and Lou think that Lloyd has developed romantic feelings for Claire.
31 31 "Paging Nell" Jonathan Schmock Story by : Liz Sagal

Teleplay by : Matt Schmidt & Anita Michetti

February 2, 1997

October 13, 2004

Joe is reunited with his old friend next door neighbor Nell Bascombe (Nell Carter), who needs a new kidney.
Guest star: Ivory Ocean as Lenny

Note: Nell Carter previously co-starred with Joey Lawrence and Matthew Lawrence in the 1980s NBC sitcom Gimme a Break!.

32 28 "The Comet" Joey Lawrence Jim Vallely & Jonathan Schmock February 9, 1997

October 7, 2004

Matt decides to reinvent himself when a new girl, Julia (Lauren Woodland), comes to town to visit her grumpy Grandfather, Harry "Old Man" Gibbs (Al Ruscio). Andy is frightened that they will get hit by the comet.
Note: This episode marked Joey Lawrence's directorial debut.
33 35 "Stealing Beauty" Paul Kreppel Nicole Avril & Sue Kolinsky February 16, 1997

October 20, 2004

Kristin gets Matt a job at a music store, but his future there looks bleak when the manager collars a shoplifter. Matt later finds out that Kristin stole CDs and stuck them into his backpack. Matt is afraid to tell on her because she could get arrested. In the end, Kristin confesses and Claire pays to bail her out. Joe and Lloyd try their best to the bathroom in the shop clean.
Guest star: Jonathan Schmock (series co-creator and executive producer) as Chip "The Can-Do Plumber"
34 36 "Art Attack" Jonathan Schmock Craig Hoffman February 23, 1997

October 21, 2004

Lou has some modern art she wants to take to the museum. So Joe helps her carry her work. Fiona Kensington (Holly Gagnier), the daughter of the woman of the art gallery, sees the artwork and thinks Joe did it. So he impresses her by doing some last minute art with help from Andy. Also, Matt takes up playing the guitar and wants to write a song. Matt tries to find inspiration by his surroundings. When their garbageman Leo (Chuck E. Weiss) pays a visit, Andy tells him he has got a pigeon on his car, Matt then comes up with a very bad song.
35 17 "Pizza Girl" Terry Hughes Jim Vallely March 30, 1997

September 20, 2004

Romance is in the air at the pizza parlor as Matt's co-worker Rosa (Sarah Silverman) falls for Joe and Andy falls for a young girl who does not think his jokes are funny. Meanwhile, Lloyd steals a pig from a Chinese restaurant and refuses to return it in fear it will be killed.
Guest star: Vincent Guastaferro as Uncle Dom

Note: This episode was originally produced for the first season, but its original broadcast was held over until the second season.

36 34 "Easy Come, Easy Go" Mark Cendrowski Eddie Gorodetsky April 20, 1997

October 19, 2004

Andy becomes Joe's good luck charm on a trip to Atlantic City – for a while. Meanwhile, bad luck crashes the scene when Matt throws his first big party.
Guest star: Rip Taylor as Himself
37 38 "I Scream, You Scream" (Part 1) Joey Lawrence Arthur F. Montmorency April 27, 1997

October 26, 2004

Joe moves in for the kill after Matt claims he is "just friends" with Kristin; an ice-cream vendor is a real treat for Andy and for Claire.
Guest stars: Kevin Meaney as Ken and Karl David-Djerf as Silent Jim
38 39 "We All Scream" (Part 2) Rich Correll Story by : David Wolf

Teleplay by : Michael Rowe

May 4, 1997

October 27, 2004

Matt and Joe nearly come to fisticuffs over Kristin, who is unable to handle the truth when she hears it; and Lou receives an e-mail message from an admirer.
39 40 "Mother's Day" Mark Cendrowski Craig Hoffman May 11, 1997

October 28, 2004

Mother's Day brings a surprise visit from Joe's hippie mom, who is pregnant and married to an "aura-photographer".
Guest stars: Jane Fleiss as Amber and Tom Kenny as Lucien

Note: Tom Kenny previously guest starred as Doug in the season one episode "Remember".

40 37 "Girl Crazy" Joey Lawrence Eddie Gorodetsky May 18, 1997

October 25, 2004

Julia returns hoping to strike up a relationship with Matt again, but his friends are not part of her plans. Meanwhile, Andy "sells his childhood" at a garage sale to earn cash.

Cancellation and syndication

The show was first aired on NBC as part of its 1995-96 schedule and then switched to The WB for the beginning of its 1996-97 lineup. The show also aired in syndication on Disney Channel from 1998 until 2002. It has also previously aired on Family in Canada. August 23, 2004 and October 28, 2004

Awards and nominations

Year Award Result Category Recipient
1996 Young Artist Award Nominated Best Performance by a Young Actor Matthew Lawrence
Best Performance by a Young Actress - Guest Starring Role Lisa Rieffel
Best Performance by an Actor Under Ten Andrew Lawrence
1997 Best Performance in a TV Comedy - Leading Young Actor
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