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You stick to the gizmos, beta.
Muneeba Khan to Bruno Carrelli[src]

Bruno Carelli is a Marvel Comics character who appears in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He made his debut in the first episode of the 2022 Disney+ series, Ms. Marvel and is portrayed by starring cast member, Matt Lintz.

Bruno is the inventive friend of Kamala Khan, and the pair both attend Coles Academic High School. He is present when Kamala comes into her powers, and helps her, as she seeks the answers on their origins, and trains to become a superhero.

Bruno Carelli was created by writer, G. Willow Wilson and artist, Adrian Alphona.


Bruno lives in New Jersey and attends Coles Academy High School. He doesn't have a lot of family, and at an earlier point in his life, his parents left him, leaving him in the care of his grandmother. He is a fan of superheroes and an inventive individual. He becomes good friends with Nakia Bahadir and Kamala Khan, and becomes acquainted with the latter's family. The trio all had some form of a relationship with Zoe Zimmer which soon soured, after she gained a large online following, and her demeanor changed. Bruno also works at Circle Q as a cashier.


Marvel Cinematic Universe

Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel - 1x01 - Generation Why - Bumping Into Zoe.jpg

Bruno arrives at school, having learnt that Kamala failed her driving test from her mother, and hands her a slushie. He tries comforting her, assuming the instructor was being over diligent, but she informs him she crashed her car into the instructors. He inquires abut AvengerCon, assuming can't go, but Kamala is determined to enter the Captain Marvel competition, though is at a loss on what she should user as her final flourish. As the pair head down the hallway, he hands Nakia ten dollars, after betting against her, that Kamala would pass. He asks whether Nakia has any plans, now that he isn't expecting to attend AvengerCon, but Nakia has no interest in joining them, if they're going to be playing video games. While walking up the stairs, they bump into Zoe, and an awkward exchange takes place between her and Kamala. Following this, Mr. Wilson the school counselor, calls Kamala over the intercom, and Bruno and Nakia tease their friend.

Ms. Marvel - 1x01 - Generation Why - Captain Princess Marvel.jpg

After school, Kamala vents to Bruno at Circle Q, about how failing her test has now derailed their plans to attend AvegerCon. He suggests going next year, but Kamala is insistent on going to the upcoming one as its the first, so he proposes that she simply ask her mother, an idea Kama is dismissive of. He takes out her Captain Marvel costume, which he airbrushed, to fit her colors, and wonders if they'll win. As they leave, they suggest various flourishes for her costume, including steampunk, composite, and zombie themes, but are unable to settle on anything.

Ms. Marvel - 1x01 - Generation Why - Yusuf and Bruno.jpg

While Kamala is out on errands with her mother, Bruno helps her father Yusuf, setup a security camera which connects to his phone, and hands him the Zuzu, a device of his own making, which connects to the power outlet, of the house. He demonstrates how it works, by using a voice command, to switch off the lights, and even adds that he programmed it to understand Urdu. When Kamala and Muneeba return home, Muneeba asks whether he's staying for dinner, but Bruno can't as he has work. Before he leaves, he urges Kamala to ask her parents, and Muneeba hands Bruno a bag of food.

Kamala later texts Bruno to inform him that her parents said no, and he remains unsure of what to do next.

Ms. Marvel - 1x01 - Generation Why - Kamala and Bruno on Roof.jpg

The next night, while browsing for the Caltech Gifted & Talented programme, Kamala calls him. She informs him of an encounter with her parents that upset them, and he assures her that once she apologizes, they'll be fine. Kamala suggests following the advise of those around her, and to stop pursing her interest in superheroes and fan art, citing her idolization for Captain Marvel as weird. Bruno encourages her not to, and tells Kamala that she can save the world if she sets her mind to it. He then hands her LED gloves, of his own making, to act as Photon Gloves, for the final touch in her Captain Marvel costume, and the two playfully fight on the roof.

During school, Kamala formulates a plan, to attend AvengerCon, which she shares with Bruno. She states that she will sneak out, and they can use the Zuzu, to give the impression Kamala is in her room. After detailing it out, Bruno points out she still hasn't finished her costume, and that the requirements are that the cosplayer bring something of themselves, within the costume, so he suggests something Pakistani, to honor her heritage.

On the day of AvengerCon, Bruno signals Kamala outside her house, to leave. They manage to catch the bus, but the door closes, before Kamala can bring her bike, leaving Bruno, to cycle the pair of them.

Ms. Marvel - 1x01 - Generation Why - Photography - Kamala and Bruno.jpg

They arrive to Camp Leigh, where the event is being held, and find themselves amongst various fans of superheroes and the pair explore the multiple exhibitions. When the Captain Marvel costume competition is announced, they see Zoe Zimmer in attendance and participating. Bruno reassures Kamala that she'll be fine, and they change in their individual costumes. Kamala dresses as Captain Marvel, while Bruno dresses as Bruce Branner, and Kamala shows him her bangle, which she will use for her costume. Bruno asks where the gloves he made her are, and Kamala realizes she forgot them in the bathroom. He stops her from returning to gather them, and tells her to just place the bangle on instead. Bruno watches as his friend gets on stage, but it becomes apparent that Kamala is overwhelmed by the various flashing lights and large audience. He tries encouraging her, when she suddenly emits energy constructs from her bare hand. A wire holding a giant model of Mjolnir from the ceiling is set loose, and Bruno runs out of the way, as it swings back and forth on stage. He then witnesses Kamala create an elongated limb, made up of an energy construct, to save Zoe, before she falls to the ground. He runs to her side and the pair make a swift exit.

As they cycle back home, they question the events they just witnessed. He arrives outside Kamala's house, and helps boost her onto the roof, before an energy platform materializes below her foot. As he leaves to go home, he asks that she keep him updated on everything, and reassures Kamala that he wont tell anyone.

Ms. Marvel - 1x02 - Crushed - Photography - Nakia, Bruno and Kamala.jpg

Bruno runs into Kamala, and wants to further discuss her powers, following the events at AvengerCon. They walk down the hallways, and soon learns that Zoe's follower count has increased, after the footage of Kamala saving her went viral, and she published a video, recounting the events from her perspective. Nakia joins the two, and criticizes Zoe for her vain attitude, and Bruno soon becomes nervous as multiple people at school begin discussing the incident, unaware Kamala was the masked cosplayer. When Zoe announces she's throwing a party, Kamala decides they should go.

Once Bruno and Kamala are in private, she showcases her powers, away from everyone else. Her hand glows, with a crystalline light, encompassing it, and she forms a fist, which suddenly begins growing. The size of the construct weighs Kamala down, and Bruno notes that her powers don't include super strength. Kamala pushes her hand back up, but the pressure rebounds against objects behind her, which fall, and she quickly pushes Bruno out of the way. The pair decide she needs to train.

Bruno runs diagnostics on Kamala, and discovers that the bangle simply unlocked dormant powers, that came from within her. They speculate what her origins could be, and train on the roof of Circle Q, until Kamala begins to get a handle on how her powers work.

Ms. Marvel - 1x02 - Crushed - Kamran's Car.jpg

On Friday evening, he cycles with Kamala to Zoe's house to attend her party. They meet up with Nakia and Miguel, who are also present. When Shawn offers Kamala orange juice, she takes it and begins to gag when he reveals it also contains vodka, and Bruno questions his actions. Their attention is called onto someone standing atop of a roof, and Bruno shouts at him not to jump, but he does so anyway, and flips into the pool. He heads in their direction as Kamala is standing on his shirt. Bruno assumes he must've injured himself from his dive, but he claims he never felt a thing, and introduces himself as Kamran. The partygoers are soon altered to the incoming arrival of the police, after sirens can be heard, and Kamran offers to drive a handful of them away. Bruno sits in the back, with Miguel, Nakia and Paul, while Kamala sits in the front. She admires Kamran's car, and when he offers her a chance to ride it, Bruno blurts out that she can't because she failed, and Nakia hits him response. He watches Kamala and Kamran bond over their shared music tastes, and interest in Bollywood films, and tries to chime in the conversation too. The arrive at Circle Q, where Kamran drops them off. As they leave the car, Bruno watches as he gives Kamala his number, for future driving lessons. Kamran says his goodbyes to the group, and incorrectly refers to him as "Brian" before departing.

Back at school, Bruno is called in to Mr. Wilson's office, where he learns that he was accepted into a the Early Immersion CalTech programme, with a scholarship. Bruno is hesitant to accept right away, as its California, but Mr. Wilson urges him to take the offer.

After school, Bruno meets with Kamala to continue her training, but she can't as she's taken Karman up on his offer for driving lessons. Before she heads off, she asks if Bruno will be coming to Eid with them, which he confirms.

Bruno arrives at the Eid Al-Adha festival, dressed in traditional garb. He meets up with the Khans and Muneeba shows admiration for his attire, though Bruno wonders if his costume is too bright. He joins Nakia and Kamala, and she hands them fliers to promote her campaign for her election in the Mosque Board, and assigns Bruno to target the Reverts.

Ms. Marvel - 1x02 - Crushed - Nakia and Bruno.jpg

Nightfall comes by, and the attendees of the festival are soon alerted to the screams of a young boy. The crowd find Hameed, hanging from the window of the mosque tower, and holding onto a curtain. He looks back to find Kamala running away, to change in her Captain Marvel costume, and make her heroic debut. He watches as she herself, climbs onto the roof, and creates platforms in the air to reaches him. The pair fall, but Kamala manages to create a construct mid-air, to stop their descent. Kamala climbs safely back onto the roof, and Bruno is relieved, while the audience erupt in applause, at her heroics. Suddenly, the construct Hameed is standing on, shatters, and Bruno watches in shock, as Kamala quickly creates smaller constructs to lessen Hameed's impact, as the young boy crashes onto the hood of a car.The police soon arrive, shortly after, and question what everyone knows on Night Light.

Kamala meets up with Bruno the following day and he reveals that the authorities came after she left. She shares with Bruno, that she discovered the origins of her power. She met a group of Djinn, collectively, known as the Clandestines, both her great-grandmother and Kamran are members, and they need her help in interdimensional travel to the Noor Dimension. Bruno remembers a paper published by Erik Selvig, which may hold some relevance. Before Kamala departs, Bruno shows the video of her circulating online, and reveals that has been trending.

Bruno is unable to attend the Mehndi, thrown for Aamir and Tyesha's upcoming nuptials, and he sends Kamala a domino mask.

Bruno is on duty at Circle Q, and researching on the nature of Djinn and the Clandestine, when Yusuf arrives to purchase something. While paying for his item, he notices the papers Bruno has regarding Djinn, printed in Urdu, and translates it for him. The report states that a primordial power is required to allow the Djinn to return home.

After further research, he explains to Kamala, that while it is theoretically possible for her to achieve interdimensional travel, it will require a large surge of energy, and holds a significant amount of risk. Kamala is conflicted on whether or not she should carry this out or not, and Bruno reveals to her that he got into CalTech. He believes he should go, but won't do so, until he knows Kamala is out of trouble. Bruno tells Kamala that he'll help her research a way into helping the Djinn return home, but as of now, he doesn’t see a safe way in achieving this.

The day of the wedding arrives, and Bruno arrives to the venue. He makes conversation with Auntie Ruby on traditions, and participates in a dance with Nakia and Kamala.

Ms. Marvel - 1x03 - Destined - Bruno and Kamala.jpg

When the time comes for a couples dance, Kamala offers to be his partner, when Kamran suddenly arrives to talk with Kamala. Kamran leads her away, and Bruno walks over to them, and asks that Kamran leave. Kamran warns Kamala that the Clandestines are after Kamala and everyone is in danger. When the Djinn enter the premises, Kamala triggers the fire alarm, so that the attendants are forced to leave, and Bruno leads the Kamala's family out of the building. Once he leaves, he finds that Kamala has not come out with the others and returns inside to find her. He finds Kamala in the main hall, moments away from being struck, and throws a box at the assailant. Saleem hurls a chair in Bruno's direction, knocking him back, and injuring him. Kamala reaches him, while Kamran keeps them distracted, to try and give them enough time to escape. They head downstairs, but are quickly surrounded by the group. Bruno falls against a pillar, and the Clandestines move towards Kamala, when Damage Control enter the building, in search of Night Light. Kamala manages to escape Najma's grasp, and leads Bruno to safety. They find a back exit, and Kamala shuts the doors with a construct, and Nakia appears, having just witnessed Kamala use her powers. Kamala wants to explain everything to Nakia, but Bruno urges her to leave, as she is the under target, and Nakia helps support him away, in disbelief of what happened.

Bruno's arm is put into a cast, after sustaining his injury.

While Bruno takes out the garbage, Kamran steps forward from behind the dumpster. He refers to him as “Brian” once again, and Bruno questions what he’s doing there. Kamran admits he had nowhere else to turn, so Bruno takes him in. Kamran tries to awkwardly make small talk with him, seemingly unaware of the science references on his posters. Bruno sarcastically comments on it being a wonder that they’ve never hung out before, and Kamran offers to re-establish their relationship. He greets him and holds out his arm. Bruno is forced to shake it with his left arm, following his injuries, and reintroduces himself as Bruno, to Kamran’s embarrassment, having been referring him by the wrong name. Bruno allows Kamran to sleep over, while making plans on where to head, next. Kamran insists on staying, so his mother can find him, but Bruno is doubtful she’ll return, as she abandoned him, and shares that his parents are absentees. He tells Kamran he won’t leave him to deal with Damage Control on his own, and proceeds to offer him food, when a drone suddenly flies by the window. Kamran emits a blast from his hand, knocking the drone back, and Bruno and Kamran duck for cover. Bruno is surprised to learn Kamran has powers too, and the drone fires back, sending a missile into Circle Q and causing the building to explode.


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  • Matt Lintz, who portrays Bruno, was among the top three actors in the running to portray Spider-Man, before Tom Holland was cast.[2]
    • Bruno shares some personality traits with Peter Parker, such as being incredibly intelligent.
  • Matt Lintz and Iman Vellani both confirmed that Bruno does have a crush on Kamala, which was hinted through the show, especially with his jealousy with Kamran in episodes 2 and 3.[1]


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