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We don’t talk about Bruno!
―Citizens during The Family Madrigal

Bruno Madrigal is a major character in Disney's 2021 animated feature film, Encanto. He is the only son of Alma Madrigal, with the gift to see into the future. Bruno's eccentric demeanor, affinity for rats, and often doomsaying visions had distinguished him as the "black sheep" of the Madrigals, resulting in his estrangement from the family.


Bruno is Mirabel’s maternal uncle whose gift is the ability to see the future. His gift caused misery to his hometown and it’s due to this that he is considered the black-sheep of the Madrigal family. Due to the negative outcomes of his prophecies, he mysteriously disappeared prior to the events of the film and his name is considered taboo among his family (particularly with his sister Pepa) and the townsfolk. Unbeknowest to the rest of the family (sans Dolores), Bruno never actually left the house, having been secretly living in the walls.

Physical Appearance

Bruno inherited most of his physical characteristics from his father, Pedro. He's a short, unkempt looking middle-aged man with overgrown curly black hair with gray streaks, a thin mustache and beard and brown eyes. He wears a green poncho and carries a walking stick around. When he uses his precognitive powers, his irises glow bright green.

Powers and Abilities

Bruno has the ability to see the future. He requires a large, open space to properly see his visions, initiating them by drawing a circle in sand and burning leaves. Once initiated, his irises glow jade-green and the sand circle creates a dome of sand, which creates glowing green images that the visions contain. These images are not always clear but when Bruno focuses on certain images, the vision increases in clarity. Should anyone else be within the circle, they can also see the visions and can help Bruno focus on certain parts of it. When vision ends, Bruno creates a thick slab of jade green glass that contains the vision (which he can fix if the glass is broken). If the vision has two possible outsomes, the slab of glass created can show both outcomes by tilting it at certain angles.


  • The name Bruno was actually chosen by Lin-Manuel Miranda, in order for him to fit the lyric "Bruno, no, no" into one of the songs.
  • Unlike his sisters, he is the only Madrigal in his family generation to not have a family of his own.
  • During his time inside the walls of La Casa Madrigal, the only company he had were the rats.
  • Unknown to him, his niece, Dolores, via her super hearing, knew he was living in the walls; Antonio also figured it out by his ability to communicate with the rats.



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