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Bug City is a location in the 1998 Disney/Pixar film A Bug's Life. It is the place where Flik travels to find warrior bugs to protect Ant Island from Hopper and his gang.


The Bug City is a place full of littered things under a trailer. The city has buildings made of boxes and cans, sidewalks made of cardboard, and streetlights made of Christmas lights and lightning bugs. While there, Flik encounters several sorts of unusual bugs such as a granddaddy longlegs, snails, beetles, flies, mosquitoes, slugs, a cricket, a mime millipede, wasps, and other sorts of bugs living there.

While exploring, Flik finds a group of recently-fired circus bugs at the Bug Bar and mistakes them as warriors, due to their classic "Robin Hood" act. When P.T. Flea arrives in Ant Island looks for his missing troupe and blows Flik's cover, Princess Atta banishes Flik and the troupe to Bug City. However, this is a fatal mistake to Princess Atta: she puts herself and the entire colony in danger. But thanks to Dot's advice, Flik, the Circus Bugs, and the colony are able to end Hopper's reign on Ant Island after Flik was wrongfully banished.

Official Description

Flik’s epic adventure had to lead to somewhere exciting, and the perfect contrast to a pastoral island was a city teeming with exotic insects. In a rare acknowledgement of human presence, the Pixar team created a bustling metropolis out of a garbage pile. It’s here that Flik encounters P.T. Flea’s Circus Troupe. According to Co-Director Andrew Stanton, the inspiration for a multinational flea circus“was the first thing that really felt like us, felt like Pixar.”


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