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In a flight that is fast and furious, a confused little character tries desperately to escape from the hectic harmony of an instrumental nightmare
Master of Ceremonies narrating the Bumble Boogie segment

Bumble is the main character of the segment, Bumble Boogie, a segment from the 1948 Disney film, Melody Time.


Bumble is described as a timid bee trying to escape from the hectic harmony of an instrumental nightmare, indicating that he is trying to seek freedom from music bothering the bee.


Melody Time

Bumble is first seen drawn by an artist where the narrator describes him as a timid bee. Just as the short begins, Bumble ends up getting pursued by instrument flowers preparing to catch him while trying to escape from the noisy environment. Just as he frantically flies through the flowers with piano keys for petals, the keys transform into a snake-like monster preparing to eat him, but Bumble manages to dodge him, separating the keys together just as Bumble tries to escape from the music. Bumble ends up getting caught in the cage formed by keys, so he shakes the cage in anger, causing the keys to form into butterflies chasing him. As Bumble is still being pursued by the frenzy such as trumpets and piano hammers, he dodges the keys falling off a river. Just as he escapes, he jumps on the keys to fix the piano at the end of the segment.

Magic and Music

Similar to the original cartoon, Bumble is painted by the Magic Mirror's paintbrush and proceeds to annoy the Spirit in the Mirror as he tries to play "Flight of the Bumble Bee" on a piano as a demonstration of how music can paint a picture. He tries to swat at Bumble as the bee attacks him, but Bumble lands on the Spirit's piano, whereupon the paintbrush sucks him away.

Disney Parks

Bumble appeared in the opening unit of the former Happiness is Here Parade at Tokyo Disneyland.


  • Bumble changes colors throughout the segment, which are from purple, red, and green.

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