"Bumblelion and the Terrified Forest" is the seventh of the thirteen episodes from The Wuzzles.


Bumblelion and Hoppo go deep into the Terrified Forest to rescue Butterbear from Transylvia, an evil and villainous witch.


When Bumblelion starts to act like a hero, Hoppo gets a makeover, and Butterbear manages to get captured by a pair of dingbats (part dingo, part bat.) Soon Butterbear tries to convince Transylvia that she can make her the most ugliest vampire-witch in the forest.

When Bumblelion and Hoppo arrive for Butterbear's rescue, Transylvia sends Bumblelion to her castle to get some butter berries to cure her pet Gorantula (part gorilla, part tarantula). Sounds like an easy task, but her pet has turned into a monster. Finally, Bumblelion manages to retrieve the butter berries, but Hoppo now needs to be rescued from the clutches of the Gorantula.

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