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Burton LaValle is a character from the PKNA comic book. He is an actor from 23rd century.

He first appears in the fifth issue. When the Duck Avenger is brought to the year 2255, he meets Burton, who pretends to be Colonel Mansur of the Earth Defense Forces, acting as the Duck Avenger's liaison in the fight against the Super-Evronians. The Duck Avenger eventually finds out Burton's true identity and that this is an elaborate ruse to make him act in a film. The hero agrees to act in a last scene, but LaValle is partially Coolflamed by Grrodon, the last Evronian of that era, and tries to run over the Duck Avenger with a land cruiser. Luckily he only runs over a robot decoy.

Burton is the main character of the short stories "Starring the Great Burton LaValle". Those stories are about Burton and what he does at work. This series is also experimenting with different styles of art. This series is one of the more artistic/experimental of all the short story series in PKNA.

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