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This article is about The character from Meet the Robinsons. For other characters, see Buster.

Buster is a character who appears in the 2007 Disney animated feature film, Meet the Robinsons.


Buster is the Robinson family's dog who wears glasses. Like other animals whom Lewis encounters in the future, Buster himself does not have any dialogues. According to Bud, "his insurance won't pay for contacts", which implies that he may have been telling a joke about Buster.


Buster is seen to be sticking his tongue out like all dogs in real life to express himself. Not much of Buster's personality is known other than sticking his tongue out.

Role in the film[]

Buster appears in the scene where Lewis and his grandfather approach him which Lewis questions him about why he wears glasses. Bud then replies to Lewis, telling him that his insurance doesn't pay for contacts. The scene then loops into Lewis encountering Spike and Dimitri.

It is unknown if his existence was effected by the Bowler Hat Guy's plans to ruin Lewis' future, as he does not make further appearances throughout the film, even when Lewis restores his own future after he tells DOR-15 that he will never invent him.


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