Butch Johnson is one of the detectives from the video game Guilty Party. He is the husband of Charlotte Dickens-Johnson and the adoptive father of Ling-Ling Johnson.

Official Biography

Butch was once just another young policeman in the small town of Manticore Heights - until that fateful day when he chanced to meet Charlotte on a hijacked subway train. Together they subdued the hijackers; Charlotte used her kung fu, and Butch used his enormous upper body strength to hurl her the full length of the train car in pursuit of the culprits. After the dust settled and the medals had been handed out, they had fallen in love.

So when Charlotte got a job working for her brother at the Dickens Detective Agency, she couldn't help but recommend Butch for a position as well. Given his employment history, it wasn't too hard for him to find a place in the family business - but the Commodore discouraged his brute-force approach to detection. "You're in the big leagues now, Butch," said the Commodore. "Those muscles may have gotten you far in Manticore Heights, but they won't scare the likes of Mr. Valentine." Butch took the Commodore's words to heart, and now prefers to use his brains instead of his brawn whenever possible. He is Ling Ling's doting adoptive father.

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