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"Butterfly" is the ninth episode of the CGI animated short series Fireball. The episode itself was aired on June 2, 2008 as a part of Disney's partnership with Jinni's Animation Studios.


(48754 Merkur calendar year)

Drossel von Flügel meets with Gedächtnis in the main hall of the Flügel Manor, (she calls him Samarkand in this episode) and informs him that she wants a pet filet sandwich. To her disappointment Gedächtnis tells her that the manor is a "pet free" zone. However, since Drossel does not care what kind of animal she has, Gedächtnis shows her a collection of light blue butterflies he has inside his head. Drossel believes the butterflies are birds and reflects on whether they are like dolphins, humans, or machines. The butterflies all seem to disappear after they surround Drossel...



  • Drossel Juno Vierzehntes Heizregister Fürstin von Flügel - Miyuki Kawashō
  • Gedächtnis - Toru Okawa


  • This is one of the few episodes that Drossel does not tell Gedächtnis to not interupt her.