BuzzzTube is a popular fictional media site on the Internet. Headed by the trendy algorithm Yesss, it takes the appearance of a business headquarter.


BuzzzTube is a video-sharing site and the most popular of its kind. It is a hotspot for net users, who frequently visits the website in droves to watch trending videos and leave physical hearts for their favorites; these hearts can be turned into money, making BuzzzTube a great way to get rich quick.


  • BuzzzTube's name is a portmanteau of the real-life websites Buzzfeed and YouTube.
    • Interestingly, the real YouTube also exists in the franchise's universe.
  • In early versions of the movie, BuzzzTube was known as Buzzaholic.[1]
  • During Disney Magic Kingdoms's Wreck-It Ralph event its limited time currency for the event were pink hearts, which might have been a reference to the hearts that can be transferred into money when viewers give the website's videos a heart as a like.
    • The mobile app game also has BuzzzTube as one of its limited time attractions, that could be octaned in the event.



  1. Julius, J., Johnston, P., & Moore, R. (2018). The Art of Ralph Breaks the Internet. Chronicle Books. 

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