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Consider this my final lesson: look out for yourself. Anything else... is weakness.
―Cad Bane

Cad Bane is a Duros Bounty Hunter from the Star Wars universe. He is a recurring antagonist in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, a minor antagonist in Star Wars: The Bad Batch, and the final antagonist in The Book of Boba Fett. He is a mysterious and ruthless Duros bounty hunter who rose during the Clone Wars, working for the highest bidder and earning a reputation as the galaxy's best and most fearsome mercenary — a title that he was able to claim after fellow bounty hunter and mentor Jango Fett perished in the opening battle of the war. He also trained Fett's cloned son, Boba Fett.



In terms of behavior, Cad Bane is shamelessly representative of his own adverse traits. Overall, he is a prime example of a sociopath: utterly ruthless, frigid cold-hearted, and extensively cruel in his general nature.


  • Master fighter: Bane was a highly skilled bounty hunter who specialized in fighting Jedi. During the Clone Wars, Bane fought some of the most skilled Jedi, including Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. He also fought Fennec Shand and held his own in a fight.
  • Expert shooter: Bane was a master marksman, utilizing duel blasters as his preferred weapons. Bane is so fast that he beat Hunter and countless others in a duel. He retained these skills in his old age where he besting both Cobb Vanth (and his deputy) and Boba Fett in their duels. He also proved to be more skilled than Boba Fett, outdrawing him even though Fett's rifle was in his hand, while Bane's pistol was still in its holster.
  • Skilled tactician: Bane proved himself a competent leader and tactician, leading several different groups of bounty hunters on multiple occasions. His leadership proved outsmart Jedi on occasions.


  • Gauntlets: Bane wore specialize gauntlets that were similar to Mandalorian vambraces to combat Jedi. His gauntlets included stunners, flamethrowers, a wrist comm, and much more. On one occasion he had a battle droid transfer all controls of a Separatist ship to his gauntlet. His new pair of gauntlets had similar functions but his left gauntlet had a knockout gas dispenser and his right gauntlet had a whipcord launcher that could ensnare targets.
  • LL-30 blaster pistols: Bane's primary blasters were LL-30s. These pistols were fitted with scopes and had a slim barrel design. When he broke out of prison he obtain a new LL-30 but later returned to a dual blasters.
  • GALAAR-15 blaster carbine: After breaking out of the Republic prison, Bane obtain an GALAAR-15 blaster carbine along with a new LL-30 pistol. The carbine was in a holster on his back.
  • Bolas: Bane also has bolas to retrain his enemies.
  • Breathing tubes: Bane also wore removable breathing tubes to counteract Force choke.
  • Rocket boots: Bane often wore a pair of rocket boots.
  • M-Count detector: Operating as a class-one bounty hunter, Bane was given a small scanner device that detects the midi-chlorian level in a person. This is done by taking a blood sample of a person and putting it in the device. By doing this the device scans the blood sample and if it flashes green, then the person has a high M-count.


Star Wars: The Clone Wars[]

Cad Bane first appears in the season one finale "Hostage Crisis", where he infiltrates the Senate building on Coruscant alongside a team of fellow bounty hunters. There he holds a group of senators hostage, and demands that Ziro the Hutt be released in exchange for their lives.

In the second season, Cad Bane is contacted by Darth Sidious for a special assignment: the capture of a Holocron from inside the Jedi Temple. Bane finds himself in a massive struggle for the stolen Holocron as Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano attempt to take it back. After he successfully delivers the Holocron to Sidious he was quickly assigned by the dark lord in order to kidnap force sensitive children and bring them to Mustafar. He is briefly captured before leading Obi-Wan Kenobi and Mace Windu into a trap in his headquarters, allowing him to escape. When the Jedi asked him who he works for Bane responded by saying "I work alone," which means you can't make me tell you who I work for. However, Windu contemplates that Bane's fear of his client is stronger than his fear of the Jedi, but Bane calmly remarks his interrogation with the Jedi being over. With no other options, Skywalker, Windu, and Kenobi use the Force on Bane's mind in an attempt to get him to reveal the location of the kidnapped children and the holocron. This nearly damages Bane's mind, but in the end, he complies to the Jedi's demands.

In the third season further details are revealed about Bane's attack on the senate building. The episode "Evil Plans" takes place before the events of the season one finale, and depicts Bane capturing the two droids R2-D2 and C-3PO who involuntarily give him the plans to the Senate building. Then in the following episode "Hunt for Ziro", which takes place after "Hostage Crisis", it is revealed that he was hired to extract Ziro from custody by Jabba the Hutt, due to an incriminating datapad the latter possessed. Shortly after Bane is congratulated by Jabba for his success, Ziro escapes and the bounty hunter is hired to track down and capture the rogue Hutt. He is eventually able to locate his target on the planet Teth but upon arrival he finds Ziro dead and the datapad missing. A short altercation between two Jedi who were also searching for the Hutt ensues but Bane is able to escape nonetheless.

During the fourth season, Cad Bane is revealed to be in a Republic prison. He is then hired by fellow convict Moralo Eval for a job by Count Dooku to kidnap Chancellor Palpatine on Naboo. However, Kenobi poses as bounty hunter Rako Hardeen and manages to foil the plot even though Dooku escapes while Bane was arrested (supposedly for good this time).

Star Wars Rebels[]

He appears in the episode "Fighter Flight" in Graffiti art on the Ghost along with other Bounty Hunter Embo.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch[]

At the beginning of the Imperial era, Cad Bane is hired by Kaminoan prime minister Lama Su to recover the young girl, Omega, a particular unaltered clone. Arriving on Bracca, he single-handedly slaughters several clone troopers before confronting Omega and the clone deserter Hunter. At a dead end, the two opponents take out their blasters but Bane shoots faster, injuring Hunter. Omega tries to resist only for Bane to knock her down with a paralyzing beam and then takes her away.

Escaping from Bracca, Bane greets the captured Omega in a cell aboard his ship. When Omega is persistent the Bad Batch will rescue her, Bane claims that her friends are long gone and that nobody is coming, warning her to sit tight and not cause any trouble. Bane then contacts Lama Su and informs he managed to capture Omega where he is then ordered to keep the girl alive and meet his Kaminoan advisor, Taun We on the planet Bora Vio to receive his credits.

Upon arriving at his destination, Bane discovers Omega had managed to escape from her cell after tricking his techno-service droid, Todo 360 into allowing her to repair his leg. However, Bane is able locate and recapture Omega where he threatens the girl that she's lucky that his employers want her alive. Bane is then greeted by bounty hunter Fennec Shand who had killed Taun We, resulting in the two bounty hunters engaging in a duel. During the skirmish, Omega is able to escape where she is then rescued by Hunter and the rest of Clone Force 99. Bane tries to pursue them, only to discover that Shand had managed to sabotage his ship, leaving him stranded on the planet, much to his fury.

Bane eventually manage to fix his ship, as he continued his business with the Empire by collecting M-count targets, who were usually young children and babies and delivered the bounties to the Imperial Station 003 over Coruscant. Bane was tipped by an Aqualish on the planet Caraad. Locating the home, he easily incapacitated the child's mother, Ailish, and found the youngling, named Bayrn. Bane directed Todo to grab the kid and once they tested his M-count level, Todo loaded Bayrn into the hovering pram, letting the child grab their toy to keep them quiet. Bane piloted the Justifier to the space station, meeting with the Imperials as usual. However, he noticed a different leader of the party once he landed: Emerie Karr. He inquired as to who she was, but Karr did not directly respond. Bane collected his payment and commented that they would see each other again once he acquired another M-count target.

The Book of Boba Fett[]

Cad Bane arrives on Tatooine to find Boba Fett, he arrives in Mos Pelgo and enters a duel with Cobb Vanth and shoots him in the shoulder and then kills his deputy. Bane then warns the people of Mos Pelgo to not interfere the business of the Pyke Syndicate before leaving the scene.

Later, he is finally killed by Boba Fett during the Battle for Mos Espa.

Printed media[]

He appears in the five-part Marvel Comics comic book miniseries Star Wars: Darth Maul, set before the events of the prequel trilogy, where he aides Darth Maul in kidnapping a Jedi Padawan.

Video games[]

Disney Infinity: 3.0[]

He appears after the General Grievous fight on Geonosis and appears after you take TD-54 to the Jedi Council he steals TD-54 and you must chase him through the sky and then through the city of Coruscant he escapes but leaves TD-54 Behind.



  • Cad Bane had possibly met Sabine Wren before due to her graffiti artwork being of himself and Embo in the episode "Fighter Flight".
  • Cad Bane was designed from unused concept art of a bounty hunter developed for A New Hope.
  • According to Dave Filoni, supervising director for Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Bane's iconic toothpick was originally intended to be a cigarette, but the idea was dropped due to its negative and commercial-like message.
  • The whole point of Cad Bane's design is that he wouldn't be mistaken for any other character.
  • Before the cancellation of The Clone Wars TV series, Cad Bane was set to make an appearance during a four-episode arc starring him and Boba Fett. The two were going to team up for a "rescue mission" on Tatooine where Tusken Raiders had kidnapped a child. It would emphasize Boba's and Cad's relation to one another as Cad had known Jango. Cad Bane would also get new clothes and a new ship called the "Justifier". It is also revealed that Bane was the one who caused the dent on Boba's helmet and Boba ended up killing Bane.
    • Although due to Bane coming back several changes to the Bounty Hunter arc are likely going to happen if it was produced but the duel ended the same.
    • In a clip revealed during the Animated Origins and Unexpected Fates panel at Celebration Orlando in 2017, Cad Bane and other Bounty Hunters had ended an insurrection by Fett. To finish it, they engaged in a stand off duel, which ended in Boba getting his iconic dent in his helmet.
  • In the video game: "Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes", Anakin and Ahsoka first encounter Bane on Ryloth when he took Captain Rex and Clone Sergeant Boomer captive and had them deliver his crate to his ship.

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