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The Calamity Box is a magical relic that can be use for teleporting to other worlds that supposedly originated from Amphibia.


The Calamity Box is a golden music box with images of a frog in the tropical woods and three mystical gems and an engraved sun design behind them.


A millennium ago, Andrias’ ancestors built the box for their own usage. His friend Leif stole it for safety.

Though its unknown how this box was made, but according to King Andrias, his ancestors used this box to travel to other worlds. After some period of time, it had been supposedly destroyed but somehow remained on Earth where three girls; Anne, Sasha and Marcy had stolen it from a thrift store and soon opened it which instantly send them all to Amphibia -- Anne was transported to Wartwood Forest, Sasha to Toad Tower, and Marcy to Newtopia. In the process, the three gems on the chest lost their power and became uncolored, with the power likely going to each of the three girls (intelligence for Marcy, heart for Anne, strength for Sasha).



Season One

According to one of Hop Pop Plantar's books on the Calamity Box itself which described as extremely dangerous; because of this Hop Pop feared the Box so in "Bizarre Bazaar" he buried it near a tree next to the Plantar Farm and lied that he sent it to some "contacts". Upon transportation to Amphibia, the three gems on the box cover lost their power and likely got transferred to the girls, giving them superhuman powers according to each gem, evidenced by having their eyes flash the color of the gem they're associated with.

Season Two

In order for Anne, Sasha, and Marcy to get back home they need to power up the three gems on the box by taking them to three different temples. Unfortunately, the box is still buried which Anne is unaware of, and Hop Pop lied and said it's with his "contacts". The box resurfaced in "After the Rain". The green gem was charged in "The First Temple", and during that moment, Marcy likely lost the power the gem gave her (evidenced by the glow draining from her eyes when the gem charged). Anne did the same in "The Second Temple", but she left before the blue gem was completely charged thinking her friends were in danger, leaving her with a half charged gem then Sasha in "The Third Temple" with her power gone as well. In "True Colors", Anne, saddened over Sprig's apparent death, received powers from the blue gem which she used to fight King Andrias before she was reunited with Sprig. After Andrias is surprised Anne that is still connected to the blue gem, he tells that he cannot let her live. However, before Andrias is able to do further harm to Anne, Marcy manages to open a portal to Earth which Anne and Plantars to get through. Anne asks Marcy to come with them, but before Marcy is able to join them she is stabbed in the back King Andrias and drops the Calamity Box which closes the portal.

Season Three

In "The New Normal", after Anne and the Plantars managed to escape to Earth it is revealed that Andrias managed re-acquire the box for himself, and placed it back on the charging station. He then order Silver Frog-Bot to eliminate Anne in order to make sure that Earth does not learn about the incoming invasion. Once the Frog Bot acquires the blue gem's energy signature, Andiras uses the portal for the Frog Bot to enter the human world, and it closes once the Frog Bot has stepped through. At the supermarket, while the box is not present, Anne's connection to the blue gem still allows her to uses her newly gained powers to fend the Frog Bot when threatens the life of her surrogate frog family, as it flees from the market with a destroyed arm.

In "Turning Point", which takes place when Marcy had been stabbed by King Andiras in order to prevent her escaping with the box, once the flash occurred that sent Anne and the Planters to Earth, the box is seen next to an unconscious Marcy with black smoke coming out of it. Andrias then closes the box and takes it for himself, while General Yunan and Lady Olivia attempt to leave Andrias spots them, and Sasha and Grime manage to escape by jumping out the window with the help of Joe Sparrow.

In "If You Give a Frog a Cookie", it is revealed that on the day Anne, Sasha, and Marcy were teleported to Amphibia the Calamity Box caused a massive energetic blast which spread throughout the whole city.

During the Christmas holidays in "Froggy Little Christmas", Andrias uses the box to send a drone to kill Anne but fails.

In "Escape to Amphibia," Anne and the Plantars have told Terri about the Calamity Box and she is able to figure out the music played within the box act as coordinates to multiple worlds due to the creators of the box having discovered to location worlds with music thousands of years ago. It is also revealed a song can be played within a portal when someone uses the Calamity Box. With this knowledge, Anne remembers a tune playing which Terri uses to open a portal to Amphibia, allowing Anne and the Plantars return to Amphibia after they evade Mr. X and the FBI.

Other appearances

In The Owl House episode, "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door", the Calamity Box can be seen on a shelf in the basement of the Owl House when Luz and Amity fall down a trapdoor.


  • Calamity is defined as "an event causing great and often sudden damage or distress; a disaster", which further implies the box to be dangerous.
  • The color of the gems stones, green, blue and pink are the same colors as the Powerpuff Girls.
  • A real-life version of the box appears at the 2019 D23 Expo. It is presented by Matt Braly, who then lets Kermit the Frog have a look at it, but advises him not to open it. However, Kermit gives in to his temptation and gets teleported to Amphibia. He comments on the journey being "faster than taking the 5 freeway" due to less traffic.
  • The colors of the gems in the box can be seen in The Owl House episodes "Escaping Expulsion" (as potions in the basement of the Blight Manor) and "Echoes of the Past" (as graffitis painted on Hooty). In both episodes, the object with blue color is only half full and partially seen, respectively, reflecting how Anne's blue gem is only partially charged.


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