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The Calculator is one of the major characters from The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars.

Role in the film

He is a calculator who lives with Toaster and the other appliances belonging to Rob (the Master). He spends most of his time living in the junk drawer with the Hearing Aid (whom he apparently doesn't get along with), and is often taken out every April 14 to assist Rob with his taxes.

Sometime later, when the Master's son Robbie (the Little Master) gets abducted, the Calculator manages to use the Hearing Aid's readout to determine where the Little Master had been sent. The Calculator then assists Toaster and his companions on their mission to travel to Mars and rescue Robbie.

The Calculator navigates Toaster and the gang to Mars with the use of heavy duty coordinates downloaded through Compy and into him by Wittgenstein.

After rescuing Robbie, the Calculator returns to Earth with everyone else, including the Hearing Aid's long-lost twin brother and Tinselina, and during the "Home Again" sequence, he is seen in the junk drawer playing poker with the two Hearing Aids.


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