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Alberto: Look. We gotta ride together. If you don't sit on the back and hold on to the front, the whole thing falls apart. Luca: Oh. And who's holding the ramp? Alberto: The turtle. Come on - he's faster than he looks.
―Alberto and Luca discussing about Caligola holding the ramp for them while trying out Alberto's homemade Vespa

Caligola is a character who appears in the 2021 Disney/Pixar animated film, Luca. He is a turtle that holds up a ramp during the montage of Luca and Alberto riding on a Vespa after feeling inspired by a poster of a man riding on a Vespa believing it would be freedom for Luca himself.


Not much of Caligola's personality is known other than holding the ramp for Luca and Alberto to use while riding on their homemade Vespa. It is shown that Caligola is depicted with a gloomy personality, believing that the ramp is too heavy to hold for him which makes the turtle feel uncomfortable. Although he does not talk in the film, during the part where Luca and Alberto are riding on a Vespa during the Vespa montage, he makes a gasp upon noticing the two fly off the ramp high into the air.

During the film's end credits, Caligola is seen eating food from Machiavelli's bowl much to the cat's disgust as he was unaware of eating Machiavelli's food and later the food from his own bowl and it is shown that he is adopted by Giulia Marcovaldo.

Role in the film

After Luca and Alberto work hard to finish making another Vespa using materials inside Alberto's home, Caligola is first seen holding a ramp where Luca discusses with Alberto to know who is holding the ramp to which Alberto explains to him that it is the turtle, believing that he is faster than he looks to which Alberto discusses with Luca to shout "Silenzio, Bruno" to conquer his fear of riding on the Vespa to feel confident. As their Vespa flies off the ramp into high air, Caligola notices the two in the air just before the two fall into the water. Afterwards, Luca and Alberto feel satisfied with their curiosity about using the Vespa.

Caligola is later seen during the credits where he is seen eating the food from Machiavelli's bowl, much to the cat reacting to him eating his food from his bowl and later from the food from his own bowl as Machiavelli calmly observes him eating his own food.


  • Although Caligola's name is never mentioned throughout the film, his name was revealed during the end credits during the image of Machiavelli calmly sleeping on him as Caligola eats the food from his own bowl with his name on it rather than the food from Machiavelli's bowl.

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