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Cambio de Clase, is the Spanish version of As the Bell Rings. It was on the Disney Channel and every Sunday on "Televisión Española". It is a Spanish adaption of the Disney Channel Italy Original Series Quelli dell'intervallo.

The premiere of the series in Spain took place on September 11, 2006 in the channel and the Disney Channel 16th of the month and year when Disney Zone @ TVE. Since then broadcast daily on Disney Channel and Saturdays and Sundays at TVE.

The series is starring Andrea Guasch, Juan Luppi, Nadia de Santiago, Santiago Luisber, Sergio Martín, and Ismael Garcia who give life to Valentina, Nico, Bertini, Mafalda, Max, and Nacho. In 2007, the characters played by Andrea Guasch and Sergio Martin were absent due to the filming of the Disney Channel Games 2007.

The second season began filming in June 2007 and debuted in late 2007 on Disney Channel Spain.


Spanish Cast.PNG
  • Max - played by Sergio Martín
  • Bertini - played by Luisber Santiago
  • Valentina - played by Andrea Guasch
  • Newton - played by Rafael Ramos
  • Mafalda - played by Nadia de Santiago
  • Rocky - played by Maria Torres (Season 1-2 only)
  • Laura - played by Maria Palacios
  • Piñata - played by David Becerra
  • Nico - played by Juan Lippi (Season 1-2 only)
  • Luna - played by Sandra Blázquez
  • Espi - played by Eduardo Espinilla (Season 1-2 only)
  • Nacho - played by Ismael Garcia (starts from season 2)


  • The name of the show translates literally to "Change of Class" in English.

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