Camellia Falco is the host character for the Soaring: Fantastic Flight attraction at Tokyo DisneySea's Mediterranean Harbor area.

She was first teased on one of the S.E.A. member paddles featured at Disneyland's Tropical Hideaway.


Born in 1801, Camellia Falco was the daughter of Cellino and Giuliana Falco, founders of the Museum of Fantastic Flight, which she inherited in 1850, and she would be the first woman inducted into the Society of Explorers and Adventurers in 1851. She would participate in S.E.A.'s tradition of displaying expedition paddles at the Tropical Hideaway, with hers coming from an 1831 trip down the Zambezi River.

Avidly interested in advancing human flight, she was a hot air balloon traveler and would also develop the Dream Flyer, a glider inspired by the designs of Leonardo da Vinci. Dying in 1875, her spirit would linger in the halls of the Museum of Fantastic Flight and during a special retrospective of her life held in 1901, her spirit would invite visitors to take a flight of fancy aboard the Dream Flyers.


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