Camera 9 is a character from the PKNA comic book. He is a cameraman of Channel 00, who wears a camera helmet on his head. Angus Fangus calls him a robot, but it isn't clear if it's out of ignorance or Angus is just being his typical obnoxious self. The only Channel 00 reporter who treats him as a person is Lyla Lay, but due to her own secret missions with the Time Police, she tends to cancel appointments with him, so Camera 9 believes Lyla thinks about him so lowly as his other co-workers do.

What nobody knows about Camera 9 is that he once was a famed photographer, Stefan Vladuck, specialized in "hot scenarios". It is unknown why he retired from the scenes.

While he is a reserved person, he can also recognize when someone else needs privacy and respects it: multiple times he helped keeping Lyla's secrets without even knowing them just out of friendship.


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