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Camila Noceda is Luz's mother who appears in the Disney Channel animated series The Owl House.


Not much of her character is displayed, but she is shown to be a kind and gentle mother, who works as a health care worker. She always worries about Luz and wants the best for her daughter. She is also naturally compassionate and protective, as she accepted Vee (despite her initial horror at learning the truth of the basilisk) and continued to allow her to stay with her, commenting on what a strong girl she was.

Physical appearance

She has dark brown hair tied in a bun and tan skin. Her bangs tuft up similarly to how Luz's do. She wears glasses with a thick red frame on the top. She wears gray studded earrings.

Role in the series

After Luz caused a deal of trouble with her book report involving snakes and firecrackers, she decided to send her to a Reality Check Summer Camp as punishment. Little did she know that after leaving for work, her daughter would end up in a magical realm and decided to stay for the summer. During her first night on The Boiling Isles, Camila sends Luz a text asking if she is enjoying camp. Luz replies vaguely, stating that she is liking the place so far. Throughout the series, Camila was oblivious to Luz's whereabouts. The reason she never suspect anything was because a basilisk named Vee had taken her form and had been living in her place ever since.

By "Yesterday's Lie", Camila finds out the truth about where Luz has been and who has been living with her the whole time. At first she was terrified by the fact she had a demon living under her roof, but after seeing how frightened and innocent Vee was, she helped rescue her from a witch obsessed museum manager named Jacob Hopkins. She then offered Vee to continue living with her. She then began to apologize to Luz for trying to change her and burst into sobs upon coming to terms with the fact that her daughter is in possible danger and becomes beyond terrified of what will happen to her in a place such as the Boiling Isles. Luz attempts to reassure her mother that staying there was the best decision she had made, but she accidentally reveals to her mother that she willingly went and stayed in the Demon Realm when she had the chance to go home. Camila immediately jumps to conclusions thinking she was not a good enough mother and only continues to sob as her daughter is being pulled away. Camila then makes Luz promise to never return to the Boiling Isles after she returns, and Luz reluctantly agrees. Luz disappears again and Camila returns inside her home.


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