"Canned" is the sixtieth episode and the second episode in season 4 of Mickey Mouse. It premiered on June 23, 2017.


Mickey agrees to help a sweet old lady put out her trash only to find it's transformed into something monstrous.[1]


The episode begins with Mickey putting a lid on a trashcan. Then he sees an old goat lady having trouble with her trash. He helps her out, but the goat lady says there is one more can. Mickey has no bother and the trash can is out back.

When Mickey gets out back, he sees the mountain of trash and one can falls down from the top. Mickey tries to show the trash who's boss but ends up getting punched by the stretch. Mickey sees the trash man is coming so he puts on a gas mask and grabs a shovel and starts digging up the trash. After getting kissed by a giant fly, he finds Goofy playing cards with some rats. Mickey sees the trash man getting closer, so he starts picking up the trash ever faster.

After a stinky job, the trash man refuses the many trash cans. Mickey gets an idea and starts rolling all the trash cans. All the trash turn into a trash ball and rolls over the garbage truck to the city dump.

mickey says he is all done with the trash but the goat lady says she need help with the recycling shows mickey towers of paper then mickey collapse.


Voice cast:


  • This episode was released on iTunes before it aired, on the same day as the previous episode.
  • In the episode, you can see Mickey Mouse pick up a Mickey Mouse phone for laughs.
  • The fly saying “A man!” is a reference to Lena Hyena saying the same thing in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
  • at the end mickey faintied



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