Today, we make history. There should be flags, music, a speech from the president. But what do we have? Two children and a herd of goats.
―Brieux, the morning ot the Hyperion's maiden voyage

Captain Brieux is a character in The Island at the Top of the World. He's an eccentric inventor and pilot of the Hyperion. Sir Anthony Ross bought the Hyperion and hired Brieux to fly it to find his son, Donald Ross.


Captain Brieux is a French inventor, ship pilot, and explorer. He is brilliant and eccentric, with many harebrained ideas and schemes and he is rarely shy about it. He is overall friendly and jovial, but can be agitated and annoyed when someone goes against his plans or ideas. He is also very adventurous, and eager to prove his worth and make history. He's very proud of his French heritage, and makes that no secret, as well.


The Island at the Top of the World

Captain Brieux built the Hyperion for a group of Americans. They backed out when he spent all of their money, but Sir Anthony Ross bought it so that he could finish it. When he found out that it was for a trip to the arctic, he thought it was a fool's gamble, but was talked into it with the promise of making history. So he, Ross, Professor Ivarsson, and one of his crew members set out to the arctic. Halfway there, one of the propellers broke, but Brieux fixed it, himself. He flew the Hyperion in between narrow glaciers just to show that he could do it.

When they reach Fort Conger, Ross asked Brieux to swap his crew member for Oomiak, so they can find out where Donald Ross went. As they grew closer to their destination, Ivarsson asked Brieux to lower the ship so that they could travel on foot. He objected to it, and flew straight into the clouds. The Hyperion crashed into the mountain, sending Ivarsson, Ross, and Oomiak falling out of it, while Brieux and Josephine were left alone.

Brieux was reunited with the group, along with Donald and his friend Freyja, in the Bay of Whales, where he saved them from an attack. He had the idea to detach the gondola and motors to fly the Hyperion out of Astragard until they reached Fort Conger, again. It succeeded until the ship was shot down by the Godi. Brieux left Astragard with Josephine Ross, Oomiak, Donald, and Freyja, when Ivarsson offered to stay behind in Donald's place, and they traveled on foot back to the rest of civilization.

Disney Parks

The Hyperion would have been the centerpiece of the never-built Discovery Bay at Disneyland, docked in Captain Brieux's hangar. Presumably, he was invited to Discovery Bay by Jason Chandler to further scientific discovery. The hangar would have been home to an attraction where guests flew the Hyperion over the arctic and around Astragard. After The Island at the Top of the World bombed at the box office, the attraction was never built.

A map created by Brieux and Jason Chandler sits on the wall of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers meeting room in Skipper Canteen at the Magic Kingdom. Presumably sometime after the events of the film, he rebuilt the Hyperion and used it for adventurers. The map charted legendary flying creatures on the Mekong River.

Brieux's ship is docked at Cafe Hyperion in Discoveryland at Disneyland Paris.


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