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Her one choice gave birth to a whole new history and gave the multiverse a new hero.
The Watcher[src]

Captain Carter (real name Peggy Carter) is a Marvel character who first appears in the animated Disney+ series What If...?. She is an alternate version of Peggy Carter, tangent from the Earth-616 universe. Another version of Captain Carter, originating from Earth-838, appears in the live-action film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness as a member of the Illuminati.

Captain Carter was a member of the military, fighting in World War II, when she became the subject of a serum that transformed her into a super soldier. She fought against HYDRA and the Red Skull, before being transported nearly seventy years forward in the future, through the power of the Tesseract. She eventually joined S.H.I.E.L.D. and later was chosen by The Watcher to form the Guardians of the Multiverse, a team united against the threat of Ultron, a being in possession of the Infinity Stones.

Peggy Carter was originally created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby. The Captain Carter incarnation of the character first debuted in the 2016 Marvel video game, Marvel Puzzle Quest, before transitioning into the Exile Comics.


Marvel Cinematic Universe

What If...?

"What If... Captain Carter Were The First Avenger?"
What If...? - 1x01 - What If... Captain Carter Were The First Avenger? - Steve and Peggy.jpeg

In 1943, the Nazi's begin their invasion of Europe. Project Rebirth is developed by the Allied Countries, as a means of helping fight the war. Peggy Carter, a high ranking officer in the military, give Steve Rogers, the test subject, words of encouragement, before he is set to be given the Super Soldier Serum. Peggy decides to stay in the laboratory, while the experiment is set to go underway. During Dr. Erskine's brief on how the serum will work, Peggy finds a sleeper agent, preparing to detonate a hidden bomb. She dives in his direction, but is too late, and the room is engulfed in fire and smoke. The spy proceeds to shoot Steve, and takes one of the vials. Before he can escape, Peggy shoots him, and she runs to Steve, when Howard Stark reports that the power levels for the machine are declining. Running out of time, and Steve being too injured to go through with the experiment, Peggy takes his place in the testing chamber, despite orders from Colonel Flynn, stating otherwise. As the serum is injected into her body, Peggy Carter emerges from the pod, as a super soldier with an enhanced stature, and a newfound strength.

Peggy is reprimanded by Flynn for her actions, as he believes a woman isn't a suited candidate for the project. Extractions of Peggy's blood are taken, in hopes they may be able to recreate the serum, so that Flynn can repeat the experiment, with his desired outcome. Peggy takes her frustration out in the training room, and is accompanied by Steve, who's in recovery from his injury. He points out that at least she hasn't been placed on a USO tour, where she'd be forced into a costume, and placed on stage. Peggy apologizes for taking Steve's place, but he believes now she can be the one to help end the war, and the two exchange a moment together.

Stark, Flynn and Carter discuss HYDRA's current movements, and find that the organization are headed towards a location with high levels of gamma radiation, emitting from the Tesseract. Peggy suggest retrieving it herself, but is immediately shutdown, and Howards talks of the risks they face, should HYDRA gain the Tesseract in their possession, but Flynn is adamant in his decision.

Howard catches Peggy, drowning her sorrows in a bar, and expresses his distaste for Colonel Flynn and his decisions. He hands Peggy the USO costume designed for her, with some upgrades he added, as well as a vibranium shield, both of which, support the Union Jack.

Against Flynn's orders, Peggy dons her new uniform, as she ambushes members of HYDRA, who engage in offence against her. Peggy apprehends the platoon, who attacked her, and safely recovers the Tesseract, to Colonel Flynn. She advises her superior, that she can't win the war, stuck behind the desk, and prompts him to promote her for field duty.

When Steve tells Peggy that his best friend, Bucky Barnes has been captured by HYDRA, Peggy makes plans to recover him and his team, and the pair share another moment together, in which she mentions sharing a dance.

Peggy infiltrates a HYDRA base, where Bucky and his team, the Howling Commandos are being held. She introduces herself, and leads the group, out, but they are left entrapped in a trench, after finding themselves, vastly outnumbered. Captain Carter calls in for air support, and Steve replies on the other end, arriving in a large exoskeleton, created by Stark, powered by the Tesseract. Together, the duo help fight off the last of the HYDRA agents in base, and the group celebrate.

From there on out, Captain Carter is given more of an active role in the field, defeating various HYDRA agents, along the way, alongside Steve in his new suit, dubbed, the "HYDRA Stomper". Words of Captain Carter's feats also reach Red Skull, the head of HYDRA.

What If...? - 1x01 - What If... Captain Carter Were The First Avenger? - Peggy and Steve.jpeg

One night, Peggy and Steve go out to drink, and they discuss the effects of the serum. He expresses his admiration for her, and Peggy reveals how she is finally being respected by others. When Steve starts doubting himself, Peggy reassures him of his abilities, and calls him her hero, to her embarrassment, a compliment he returns. The pair almost kiss, when Howard interrupts, to call them away on another mission. The group arrive on a train they plan to intercept, after learning from their intel, that the Red Skull is abroad. Captain Carter and the Commandos land atop of the moving train, whilst Steve takes a look inside, only to find it, rigged with the explosives. Steve warns them off, while the train detonates, and the group are forced onto the tracks, where the mountain falls begins to fall. Steve is nowhere to be found, leaving Peggy distraught, and they are forced to leave, before the entire mountain topples them.

They head back to base, and Peggy interrogates Arnim Zola, to learn that Red Skull intends to use the Tesseract to unleash an interdimensional force that will lead HYDRA to world domination, and if it were to fail, world annihilation. They devise a plan to capture him in his military base, at Castle de Krake. Captain Carter breaks through their line of defence, allowing the others to enter. They trespass in the castle searching for Steve, while Peggy and Howard, manage to locate Red Skull, elsewhere. They come to find he has opened a portal, unleashing a tentacled creature from within, but much to the Red Skull's dismay, the beast, entraps him in one its arms, suffocating him, to everyones horror. Whilst Howard operates a device to shut down the portal, Peggy finds a sword, she uses to fight the creature. The portal begins sucking the beast back into itself, but also Peggy, who has fallen under its grip. She holds down the sword, as resistance, when Steve arrives in the HYDRA stomper, only to be thrown back by the creature. It unleashes a scream, that aggravates the team, though Peggy remains immune to its effects. She charges towards it, pushing the monster back, despite it's resistance, placing herself in harms way, in the process. Steve begs her to stop, but Peggy is insistent, reassuring him, they'll be able to dance on Saturday night. She gives him a smile, before both she and the creature, are sent through the portal.

Peggy emerges from the other side, finding herself in the presence of two men, who know of her identity. She questions where Steve Rogers is, and one of the men informs her that the war ended almost 70 years ago. He asks if she's going to be okay, and in a bittersweet moment, she's tells him she will be, as she learns they've won the war.

"What If... The Watcher Broke His Oath?"

Following her arrival into the future, Captain Carter eventually settles into the new timeline, now working with S.H.I.E.L.D., alongside side a handful of colleagues, which include Black Widow.

Whilst on a mission to intercept Batroc, a mercenary, Natasha questions if she has any plans for Saturday night, and mentions someone named Barnard from accounting, has been asking about her. Captain Carter declines her offer, before diving out of the helicarrier, and coming into contact with Batroc's men. She apprehends them, before getting into a fight with Batroc. As the two spar, Peggy is shocked to find a giant figure emerge from the sky, to tell her she's been chosen.

What If...? - 1x09 - What If... The Watcher Broke His Oath? - Watcher and the Guardians.jpg

Peggy suddenly finds herself at the Whip & Fiddle, an old pub she used to attend, amongst a group of others, and finds a photograph of Steven on a mantlepiece. A man behind the counter reveals the pub facade was his idea, having read about it in her biography. She and the others questions their whereabouts, when the figure that took them, emerges from the shadows. He reveals they have all been individually chosen based on their skillsets, and are required to save all realities, dubbing the group, the Guardians of the Multiverse. When Thor tries to leave, he walks into a void inside that attempts to suck him in, and quickly returns, prompting to Peggy to accept their mission. The Watcher informs them that their worlds are, or will be under attack by Ultron, an artificial intelligence, elevated to a cosmic being, thanks to his enhanced synthetic body and the power of the Infinity Stones. The plan is to stop Ultron by separating him from the stones, using the Infinity Crusher, a tool possessed by Gamora, that holds the power to disintegrate them, and Captain Carter formulates the teams line of attack.

What If...? - 1x09 - What If... The Watcher Broke His Oath? - Captain Carter and Strange.jpg

They are transported to a barren world, that'll keep them hidden from Ultron. Following their arrival, Dr. Strange's arm briefly transforms into a tentacle, and Peggy asks what happened. He answers that love was the cause, just as it was with her, and reveals Steve Rogers took the serum in his universe, becoming Captain America. Together, the group make a toast, celebrating their new alliance, when Ultron's face forms in the sky. As he enters their world, Dr. Strange places a spell on them, giving a form of magical armor for protection. Thor directly attacks Ultron, despite Captain Carter reminding him of their plan, but his attack has no avail, and Ultron tumbles the mountains on which they stand. Strange's spell ensures their safety, but he informs them it won't last. Captain Carter holds onto Star-Lord as he flies them upward, to directly ambush Ultron, and Peggy takes ahold of one Thor's hammers, that have been duplicated by Strange, to land to safetly. Peggy runs towards Star-Lord, who has been knocked back by Ultron, and he reveals he managed to grab one of the stones. While Strange holds Ultron back with a horde of zombies, Peggy and the other leave through a portal, while he's distracted.

Black Widow and Captain Carter vs Ultron - What If...? EP9.png

Captain Carter and the other arrive in an apocalyptic world, where she is met, with that universe's version of Black Widow. She introduces herself, and the others, and provides personal information on Natasha, to prove her claims. Ultron arrives, in attempt to retrieve the stolen stone, and attacks Captain Carter and Gamora, who seek to protect it. She and Natasha both continuously throw their shields at Ultron, in an attempt to delay him. The group actively attack him at once, and use their collective strength to hold him down, via a spell, performed by Strange. While they do, Gamora activates the Infinity Crusher, which removes the stones from Ultron, resulting in an explosion. Ultron's body disappears, but his voice can be heard, informing them, the stones differ in each reality, and the Infinity Crusher was designed to destroy the stones in Gamora's world, not his. Ultron rises from a fire, and blasts the group with the combined power of the stones, though they remain safe, due to Strange's protection spell. Ultron turns his attention onto Strange, and blasts the group, weakening the barriers keeping them safe. Natasha has an idea to infect Ultron with a virus, contained in an arrow, and has Captain Carter keep Ultron busy, while she tries to shoot him with it. Peggy climbs upon the rooftops, and jumps onto Ultron, removing the armor protecting him, giving Natasha a clear shot. The arrow is shot directly into Ultron's eye, and Peggy lets go of Ultron, falling to the ground.

Ultron descends, and Peggy steps out of the rubble, only to find Killmonger, standing over the android, absorbing his armor, and taking the Infinity Stones for himself. Erik explains that with the stones in their possession, they can all fix their lives, tempting them all with its power, and reminding Peggy that it can give her the opportunity to reunite with Steve. T'Challa attempts to use the stones against them, when Arnim Zola, the virus contained in the arrow, wakes up in Ultron's body, to claim the stones for himself, much to Peggy's surprise. Zola raises the possessed Ultron's arms, causing the Stones to gravitate towards him, when Killmonger does the same, placing them, in the middle of the two. With the stones being unused by either party in the moment, Strange and the Watcher neutralize both Zola and Killmonger. With the threat now ended, the Watcher returns everyone to the pub, and gives his thanks to the group, before proceeding to returns Peggy and the others, back to their respective universes, through the front door. Before she can leave, Peggy takes a glance back at the Watcher, who understands she'd rather return to her original timeline, and she questions whether she's earned her happy ending. The Watcher assures her, she is needed in her current world and time, as Captain Carter. Peggy takes a final look at Natasha before entering through the portal, and returning home.

Returning to the moment she was taken, a distracted Peggy is punched by Batroc, but he is disarmed by Black Widow, who Peggy embraces, happy to see, much to her confusion. She leads Peggy to what Batroc and his men were after, and tells her to brace herself. Peggy opens the slot of an old vault, and finds the HYDRA stomper, and Natasha reveals that there's someone inside.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

I can do this all day.
―Captain Carter[src]

An alternate version of Captain Carter, originating from Earth-838, appears in the film as a member of the Illuminati. After the deaths of various versions of characters, Captain Carter fights the Scarlet Witch, who ends up killing the captain.


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