Captain Dola is the tritagonist of Laputa: Castle in the Sky. At the beginning, Dola acts and seems like a no good pirate. She scares and chases Sheeta and Pazu. When the army shows up, they retreat, but not too far. It's not until later when Pazu returns home, depressed that he loses Sheeta to the military, that they capture him. She scolds Pazu, but in the end she allows him to come with them.

At first, Dola is angry that Sheeta lost the necklace, but soon finds out Sheeta knows the way to Laputa and allows them to come along to help them. During their travels, they discover Dola isn't as mean as she seems.



Dola early in the film was portrayed as evil (because she was a pirate) and selfish. After she lets Pazu and Sheeta onto her team, she realizes that Sheeta was exactly as Dola was when she was young, and Pazu acted like her husband, this enabled Dola so soften up and show that Dola is affectionate and caring, like a mother but with pirate qualities.

Role in the film

Early in the film, viewers find that Dola is a pirate and that she is in search of the crystal that Sheeta owns. At the start, she and her pirates board the airship and attempts to capture, leading to Sheeta slipping and falling off the airship, enabling Pazu to find her floating down. The next day Dola and the pirates disguise themselves and searches for Sheeta, and was successful but was unsuccessful in capturing her as Pazu and Sheeta falls into an abandoned mine, saved again by the crystal. Dola is seen again after Pazu returns from the fort that held him and Sheeta captive after their capture. Dola then accepts Pazu into her team after he learns that Sheeta just saved his life. After the rescue of Sheeta Dola and her pirates, along with Sheeta and Pazu, boards the "Tiger Moss" (Dola's airship) and searches for Laputa. In the end, the Tiger Moss gets destroyed but Dola and her gang manages to loot some treasures off Laputa before it was destroyed.

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