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Captain Grimothy "Grime" is a major character and former antagonist of the 2019 animated television series Amphibia. The former ruler of Toad Tower, Grime was charged with overseeing the frogs of Wartwood, though his ruthless and tyrannical governing was a point of contention. He recruited the human Sasha Waybright as his lieutenant upon her arrival in Amphibia, and with her aid, reprioritized his goals to taking over the kingdom of Newtopia and the world at large. However after finding out King Andrias is in reality a monstrous despot bent on conquering other worlds, he reforms and joins Sasha in a rebellion against him.



As seen in "Prison Break", Grime feels that he must be quite respective with his discipline towards his own crew of knights, and before when Sasha told him that his army might cooperate and listen better if he were nicer as Grime usually acts rude not to mention, disrespectful to his army. Most likely because he expected it would toughen them up by using his less impressive words. However, this only ended with the all other toads feeling weaker and ever since then, Grime has been trying his best as he continues showing more respect to honor the loyalty of his soldiers ergo in return, they strictly follow his commands.

His frustration can still be shown at times after having become aware of the conflict and rebellion proceeding throughout Amphibia, with many villages beginning to rise up to the toads and refusing to pay up during their monthly tax collecting trips. But his confidence in restoring order has continued to lift as not only have his fellow toads' spirits brightened up, but he believes with someone as ruthless as Sasha by his side, he can succeed in his mission.

Despite his villainy, Grime isn't heartless, as he seems to genuinely care for Sasha since she saved him from a heron, as he rescued her from the tower and looked furious at Anne when she appeared injured. Also, Grime does see Sasha as his friend because she accepts him for who he is and he does with her in return. Through his friendship with Sasha, Grime goes through a change of heart as he discovers what it truly means to be a friend and to do what's right.

Physical appearance

Captain Grime is a green toad with a large and muscular build. His left eye glows yellow-green and is in a constant squint, while his right eye is marked with a pink scar, pale blue, and dull due to the injury. His eyes do not have visible pupils. He possesses sharp, yellow teeth. He wears brown metal armor with a dark mauve cape.

After losing his army, Grime temporarily sports a gray beard with a line in the middle, as well as being less muscular, with a round stomach. After this, he shaves and returns to his muscular frame, as well as donning a new brown cape and red armor, matching to Sasha's.

Role in the series

Season 1

After Sasha is transported to Amphibia, she gets captured and place into the position of Grime. Grime immediately become doubtful of Sasha, questioning who sent her. He also brought Anne's missing shoe, which proved to Grime that Sasha lied about there being more humans in the world.

Grime checks on the Toad Army downstairs who are all goofing off and acting disruptive. He gets angered that the toads are acting childish and punches one of the walls which makes the toads cease their problematic behavior. He then tells the Toads that he is sick of their behavior and wants them to stop. Grime goes and checks up on Sasha, who is still in her cell and proud of herself for getting a couple of Grime's soldiers to quit their jobs. He is then interrupted by Sasha, who is telling him that she doesn't know how she got there and that she wishes to return home. Just then, Percy noisily walks outside the gates of the tower which attracts two monster herons, which causes Percy to flee back to the Tower with the herons following close after. Grime watches as one of the herons bursts into the side of the cell and Sasha screams and gets lose from the chain that held her to the wall. Grime then tells Sasha to help him fight, but is unamused as she runs right past him. He is shocked as Sasha runs back with a barrel and throws it at the heron and it flees. Grime, stunned in Sasha's ability asks how she was able to do that which she answers "cheerleading". They then travel to a bunker, where a bunch of whiney toads are scared for their life.

Grime gets frustrated but is quickly interrupted by Sasha and she takes him behind one of the flags. Grime believes he must be very respected and demanding to his army. Sasha then tells him that if he is nicer, his army would comply and listen more, as Grime is generally cruel and insulting to his army. Quite certainly that he thought using his less impressive vocabulary would toughen them up. However, this just made the other toads feel worse, and Grime has been doing his best ever since, continuing to show more regard for his soldiers' loyalty, resulting in them solely following his orders.

Grime, Sasha, and the toads arrive in Wartwood, pretending to be holding a banquet for everybody. Sasha informs Anne that the toads have devised a strategy to put down a revolt that has recently surfaced, with Hop Pop's actions being the cause of it, so Grime would feed him to a giant plant creature outside.

Sasha starts talking down to Anne by manipulating her and convincing her to lay down her sword, but Sprig gets through to her by hitting her with a mud ball and calling her a bully. Anne eventually battles back after learning that Sasha has been using her to manipulate her. Grime is impressed and orders the two to duel. They can all go home if Anne wins, but if Sasha wins, Hop Pop will be fed to the giant plant. Anne defeats Sasha in the fight but Grime, never intending to honor his word, still attempts to throw Hop Pop off the edge, only to be interrupted by Wally's boomshrooms. Anne tries to save Sasha from the collapsing tower while everyone else evacuates, but Sasha lets herself go, admitting that she is better off without her. Grime saves her when she falls. As the toads take Sasha away and Anne cries with the Plantars soothing her, everyone manages to escape successfully.

Season 2

After becoming a refugee to Newtopia due to the destruction of the Toad Tower, Grime becomes depressive. He and Sasha decided to relocate in an old mill house to hide from the Newtopian guards on the lookout for him. While he stayed in the mill house, he used Sasha's phone to binge watch Suspicion Island. Sasha has tried to get Grime back on his feet as she is worried that one day they could be ambushed by a Newtopian guard. Little to his knowledge, General Yunan of Newtopia located Grime and Sasha after eavesdropping on Percy and Braddock who revealed Grime's whereabouts. Sasha then taunts General Yunan and her lack of an army which causes Yunan to slice down numerous trees from behind her causing Grime and Sasha to flee the scene. As Grime was running beside Sasha, he told Sasha he wasn't able to do this and for her to leave without him. She denied that offer and informed him that she cared for him and he was the only friend she had left. This fueled Grime's positivity which played as Grime and Sasha were able to defeat Yunan by working together. They celebrate in which Grime thinks of a new plan, which is to forget Toad Tower, forget working for the king, he wants the toads to rule Amphibia. Sasha agrees and Grime goes off to watch the rest of Suspicion Island.

Grime and Sasha are gathering support for their rebellion against King Andrias, and agree to go on the risky proposition to get the mythical Barrel's Warhammer. Arriving to find it, it is stuck on a narwhal worm. Grime is unable to remove the hammer at first, but after Sasha removes it, they both hold it and hit the beast, knocking it out before it destroys the tower. While the duty is complete, an unhappy Percy and Braddock depart Sasha, with Grime consulting her not everyone is willing to take the risk.

At the last temple, he and Sasha arrive mysteriously as cloaked figures, which Frobo simply shrugs off. Due to the conditions of the heat, he gets dehydrated and weak but continues on with Sasha, Marcy, Anne, and the Plantars. As Sasha explained, they went hiding and lost everything after the Toad Tower incident. Approaching the final chamber, a giant rock monster changes the gravitational force, rendering him and the Plantars unable to proceed to the final challenge. After Sasha destroys the beast, he is freed. At the entrance, he makes sure Sasha hasn't forgotten the plan to use the two so they can get back into Newtopia, which she shows hesitation towards.

Season 3

Grime and Sasha witness Andrias wounding Marcy with his laser sword as she manages to open a portal to send Anne and the Plantars to Earth with the Calamity Box. After Andrias retakes the box and captures the wounded Marcy, Grime throws Sasha and himself out of a window so they can escape where they are then rescued by Joe Sparrow. Seeing his army getting captured by Andrias's Frobots, Grime decides he and Sasha should take shelter in Wartwood as it would be too dangerous to go back to Toad Tower.

Upon arriving in Wartwood, the citizens question Grime and Sasha as they had witnessed the castle of Newtopia flying in the air. Grime tells Sasha that they can’t know about what happened to Anne or Marcy so he tells them of Andrias being a ruthless tyrant while lying that Anne and the Plantars were on an important mission and sent him and Sasha to protect the town, which relieves the citizens, but makes Sasha feel guilty. Grime and Sasha then head to the Plantars' house to spend the time, but Sasha decides to sleep in the barn while Grime goes to sleep in Hop Pop's bed.

In the morning, Grime tries to cheer up Sasha with worm waffles but fails. He then tried to tell her they need to be ready for another fight with the king when some of the townsfolk drop by to thank them again; making Sasha feel even more guilty. Later, Grime receives word from his sister, Captain Beatrix that some members of the Toad Army managed to elude capture and they are regrouping and planning an attack. When a Frobot arrives at Wartwood, Grime and Sasha manage to fight and destroy it, only for it to send a distress signal before it gets destroyed. Grime decides to leave before the Frobot reinforcements show up, but Sasha is reluctant to leave the townsfolk, now wanting nothing to do with plans and schemes because she now knows the consequences and is tired of manipulating others. Grime tells her to go into the Plantars' house so she face her guilt and leaves to join his sister and her army.

However, Grime has changes his mind about joining Beatrix and her forces and comes to Sasha's rescue before she is killed by a giant Frobot. The citizens of Wartwood help fight against the Frobots, much to Grime and Sasha's surprise before they manage to destroy the giant Frobot. After the people of Wartwood thank Sasha for her honesty, Grime and Sasha decide to lead the town of Wartwood in a rebellion against Andrias.


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  • It is also unknown how his right eye got injured.
  • His real name is Grimothy.
  • When the episode "True Colors" was leaked online, a personal message from Grime was released asking fans to wait for the official release of the episode or else he would "personally send [the viewer] to the pain room".[1]
  • Grime plays the harp extremely well, as shown in "Battle of the Bands".
  • In "Fight or Flight", Grime mentioned that his uncle Magnus was eaten by a Kill-a-pillar.
  • He loses his left arm in "All In", having been cut off by Darcy. This makes Grime an amputee now.


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