Captain Grime is the main antagonist of the 2019 animated television series Amphibia.



As seen in "Prison Break", Grime feels that he must be quite respective with his discipline towards his own crew of knights, and before when Sasha told him that his army might cooperate and listen better if he were nicer as Grime usually acts rude not to mention, disrespectful to his army. Most likely because he expected it would toughen them up by using his less impressive words. However, this only ended with the all other toads feeling weaker and ever since then, Grime has been trying his best as he continues showing more respect to honor the loyalty of his soldiers ergo in return, they strictly follow his commands.

Physical appearance

Captain Grime is a large green toad. With a more slight terrifying appearance than any other of the toads, he possesses one glowing yellowish left eye while his right one is injured with a scar leading down lower mouth and has sharp yellow teeth. He wears brownish armored clothes with a dark cape.  


  • It is unknown if one of his eyes has an advantage or disadvantage.
    • It is also unknown how his right eye got injured.
  • Despite his villainy, Grime isn't completely heartless, as he seems to genuinely care for Sasha since she saved him from a heron, as he rescued her from the tower and looked furious when she appeared injured.


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